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.updates & “Stitches” series

Saturday I threw the last 2 vessels of the series. They will be picked up on Wednesday or Thursday to finish up for next Sat. Not going to be doing anything on Halloweenie so I might as well finish those two.

Joey came with me to the studio on Sat which was pretty interesting. I knew that he wanted to see me throw for a while now. Thing is he spent more time talking to other people than paying attention. I had intended to only throw those 2 pieces. I started to throw one and when he did finally pay attention I was done. Takes anywhere from 5-15 to minutes throw. If it’s a good days it’s more on the 5 minutes side and Sat was a good day. Some to think of it, I still have not had a bad day since I started up these past few weeks. I don’t want to jinx it so no more writings on that.

The second piece I threw he actually paid attention to and said that he was amazed. I think when a person who has no idea what throwing is and watching someone create something from a lump of nothing, is pretty amazed. I knew I was, that is why I was so intrigued by it. Plus it looked like so much fun and calming. I have to admit that throwing on the wheel really has been my savior in life.

I took the remaining 3 pcs home so I can work on. Of course 2 hours later i noticed that Little had already made her bit marks into them. Fucking cat. Also the other piece that I had taken home, I noticed that there were scratches in them and I had no idea where they came from. I thought I had accidentally done that so I thought nothing of it. Now I know where they came from. Little sticks her little paw in there, unleashes claws and slashes them inside. What a little shit. I love her and all, but seriously she is so bad. When I was taking pictures the other day, she got in the way hence why she is in the picture. Oiy!!!

From now on my Saturdays will be a all day event at the studio. I’ll be up by 7am drop off Joey at work then head to gym for pilates and some cardio. 10 am – 4:30pm at the studio. I can get a lot done in that time. Next sat I will be working on my signature series that I created in San Diego. I had made about 9-10 sets of three and they all sold out. Since my ex and I broke up and I no longer had access to a wheel or kiln, I had to stop making them. I am so happy to start them up again. They have become very popular and I will soon start an online store. Probably will not have anything available until next year.

I don’t have pictures of the 3 pc series which sucks (no title right now). Actually, i don’t have pictures of a lot of my work. Especially of my work that was sold in San Diego. A lot of it just sold and I never took the time to take pics. I remember when I started to really get a grasp on throwing I would just make crap and give it away. Every once in awhile I would go to a friends house and see my work. Now I need to contact those people to give me images to add to my portfolio even though I can make something 10 times better now.  Oh well. I promised myself to document my work with more effort instead of just keeping it all in my head. Also promised myself update my damn site. Haha. When will that ever happen. Soon I hope.


.images: “Stitches” series

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of course Little has to make an appearance. She is so nosy and everywhere.

.ceramic update

Yesterday I got to class way late, an hour late. Someone was using my wheel so I decided to use my time to work on my thrown pieces. I finished the one I started last week, adding an another element to the design and very happy with it. I decided to take one home to work on it so that I was not putting too much on my plate. I know wish that I had brought home another piece of two to work on at home.

I finished the one that I brought home last night. the series of 5 will all have the same elements. The shape of the vessel is the only difference and the glaze combinations will also be a factor of difference. I am thinking of using Shino and maybe a persimmon color. I love Shino and looking for both applications of thick and thin. When it’s on thin is a beautiful light sunrise orange and when applied thicker it’s this beautiful organic oatmeal color that I really love. There will be raw areas that will just be stained with iron and maybe copper to give tribute to nature.

I am thinking that I might up this series to 7 pieces. we will see. I will be going in during the week to pick up the other pieces to take home and finish up by Saturday. If I am able,  I will stop by after work on Thursday and attempt to throw two more vessels. these the same shape just larger and taller than the ones that I have now. I am proud of my work and excited to see the final collection to completion.

.back at it

I took a break from ceramics for about 2 months. While away from my clay I was busy learning the basics of sewing. Since I have a grasp on it now, I wanted to go back to my true love. The new session began on Saturday and I started up again. It felt like I never stopped.

When I started my first session back in May, it had been about 2 1/2 years since I last threw. I was a bit rusty but not too rusty. I don’t think that I will ever get the point of “sucking”. When I first started throwing (7 years ago but on and off for seven years), it was quite a trip to see a huge lump of clay dwindle down to a very small pot. I consider this my “suck period”. I have since not been in a suck mode after not being able to throw for awhile. I think it’s the fact that I dream about throwing. I know exactly how the clay feels and when I know I will be starting up again, my hands being to remember the feeling of clay.

So that session was more about getting back into the clay creative mode. Just practicing shapes and things like that. Just letting it all soak back in. I ended the session with nothing completed and only 1 bowl and 7 best glaze bowls fired for bisque. Of the many vessels I made, i believe only 7 made it due to my kitten either peeing, breaking, or biting the ones I brought home to work on. I believe I wrote about that in a earlier post. I also started decorating with one piece but needed certain tools for it. My tools were somewhere in a unsorted box in the closet so nothing was done on that.

When last Saturday came around, I went through my boxes and found the tools. My lazy ass could have done that months ago but I was just not in the mood. I took the tools I needed out with my long beloved apron, my pail that I use for water, a long sham and some sponges. The box with other tools that i don’t use often was placed on top of the other boxes in the closet so that they were accessible when I needed them.

It felt good to get back on the wheel. I threw about 1/2 a bag of clay and was happy that I threw so clean and did not waste any clay. Also found my new favorite wheel. It’s super fast, just the way I like it. In 3 hours I threw 5 pieces and started decoration on 1. I am starting a new method of working. You see in the back they have a drying machine that you can pop your pieces in there for some time and then your able to start decorating. I was happy about my little discovery and since I throw very thin half hour – forty five minutes is all I need.

I started a new series that is based off that one piece that I started to decorate last session. Also I have a cut out. I am not sure what else will be added or subtracted from the vessels. I do like the direction I am in with them. I hope to bring them home next week so I can work with them with out distractions.

I am finishing up that one piece that I have at home and have decided to throw the other pieces away. I am thinking that if every week I throw 5-7 pieces, and during the week I finish the ones from the week before, I will have a good body of work by next year. I might sell some pieces at the holiday sale but not sure yet.

This session is to really focus on some designs and to push myself with production so that I can start to market my work around town. We will see where all this goes. Gotta a lot of work ahead of me.

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