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.same table new location


In a previous post I wrote about my old studio and my beloved table. This table was given to me by the lady in the studio next to mine. Before I moved back to Los Angeles she told the new studio manager that she wanted the table back. There was no way in hell I was going to give it back since she GAVE me the table. I planned my whole move around this table. I really do enjoy it and will probably never give it up. I’ve become attached.

It’s new home is the designated dining area of my apartment. There still is a table that I eat from, but mainly it’s the art area. I used to have a black curtain to cover beneath but the cats enjoy playing hide and seek behind there so I just took it off. I need to organize a bit more but for now I know where everything is. I am not sure if I will be moving again after my year lease is up. If I do I want a bigger place so that I have more room to set up my regular size easels.

I take up 95% of the table area and all all of the storage area. The little section at the end above little (cat) is where Joey stores his art supplies. I still feel that I need more room. When I sew I use our dining table as my sewing table or the computer table. It’s easier to set up at the dining table though.


.stitches series complete

I am so happy to announce that the stitches series is complete. I went to the studio to glaze them yesterday. I am praying that they come out okay. I am hoping that the glaze that I used comes out the right color. I don’t remember what Harry said about the glaze that is may need to be thick to get the creamy color.I think I may have sprayed it too thin so it’s going to come out too brown. I don’t know. It’s been a long while since I have sprayed a piece. Either way, I think it will turn out okay. If not then I might have to re-glaze.

Total hours in glazing was about 2 1/2  hours. Had to unload the kiln to get my pieces. When I got there, the kiln was open and my heart almost sank because I thought that they didn’t fire it. Luckily it was fired and so I started to unload with the help of two other ladies. There is so much prep work for glazing. I  forgot what a process it was. First you have to sponge them down. This studio makes  you wax the bottom (kinda retarded but whatever). I glazed the inside but because there are holes in the piece, it gets all over the place. Had to clean that up. Set up the spray booth and then start spraying with one color. Clean the gun and pour a new glaze. Spray and then I wanted to add a touch of color so I had to repeat the cleaning process and load with another glaze. Then I had clean do some clean up and add a stain. Since there were 7 pieces to glaze it was a bit time consuming. Good thing that I it is a series so the glazes were the same.

I really hope these get fired this week before thanksgiving and that they come out nice. If I don’t like a piece at first, it usually grows on me. Either way, I will be happy. This is my first series in a long time and so far my largest.

I refrained from bringing the work I threw last sat home. I need to finish the Woven series first and that is 9 piece. So much prep work for those too so that is what I will be working on to have completed for next Wednesday.

.progress: “Stitches” series

When I went to the studio on Wednesday, my 3 pieces were not fired. I looked on Sat and all were loaded into the kiln. There was still room so I don’t know when they will be starting the firing on these. I will have to glaze them soon. I am just going to glaze them all at once. FUCK it. They will come out fine. I am confident on my glazing skills and understanding of what glaze I want to use. Hopefully I can glaze them all this Wednesday. If so, then the series will be complete and ready to be picked up the week of Thanksgiving. Can not wait.

I really need to work faster and get my pieces done. I want to finish up all my series by the end of the year and start featuring them on my website. Putting them on sale on Etsy and my own site.

.unexpected new series “Pretty Little Things:Bud Vases”

I went to the studio SUPER early. The earliest I have ever been there 10AM. Sure enough it was early enough that I was able to snag the wheel I liked to throw at. You know it really doesn’t matter. I can throw on any wheel there, I just like the location of that one. I am just making a point to that lady who I really don’t like. I swear she keeps giving me all these looks and weird vibes. Whatever. I should not consume myself with her. She is a nobody and can just shove it if she doesn’t like it that I use that wheel.

On to a more positive note. My first piece I was trying to shape into the form of the series that I started on last time. It didn’t happen. Instead, I made a 8 inch little vase that was so cute so I decided to throw a set of 6. These are going to be my series called “pretty little things – bud vases”. I am going to carve floral designs and glaze them with nice transparent glazes. Also thinking of putting them through a 2nd glaze fire at a low temp for accents of color and gold. Much research will have to be done. I am soooo excited on this one. I love making really really pretty feminine designs. It’s a much needed departure for what I am doing now but somehow my work still all ties into one another.

I also threw a second piece to my “unnamed” series started last week. I was trying to throw the last one but ended up just making a solo piece that may be a start of a new series or continuation of “pretty little things” even though it is a bit larger than the ones that I made. Overall I threw 8 pieces. I really like throwing with porcelain. Since I don’t need to use much water, it is so much easier to take the pieces of the wheel. I want to try the southern Ice clay next. It’s a bit more a bag and I really have to think about what I am going to create with it. I have ideas, just need to make sure what I have in mind will work.

I left the studio earlier than usual since I got there so early. I went over to my favorite art store Swain’s in Glendale to pick up some new tools. I desparetly needed some new trimming tools. I will have to go through all of them and weed out the ones that I can not use anymore. I may need to pick up another small carving tool set since the one that I have at home seems a bit dull. Would like to have a new set for my new up coming series that will have carving. We will see. I will wait until I finish the “woven” series before buying them. I also picked up a book on floral designs for research and to just have on hand. Will start messing around with designs this week.

Hoping to post pictures of the works in progress this week to keep updates. I am really proud of how well I have been documenting my ideas with sketches, notes, work habits and costs. It really is a good practice for me to be really organized on all this so when I do need to make more from the same series, I know exactly what is what, especially with glazes. The next thing I need to do is weigh the clay I use. Maybe not. haha.

.spray gun & “Stitches” update

Yesterday I dropped of my last two pieces from this series. These were the larger ones and I had some cleaning up to do on them that was a bit unnoticed before hand. Showed them to my Dad but he had no input (I don’t think he is much of a fan for my ceramic work. He likes my oil paintings better).  Total cost for firing is over $30. Dang it. Not used to paying for firing since I was part of a studio that included the firings for membership or with the class. Whatever. At least it helps me get a grasps on pricing.

I also brought home the 4 pieces that I threw last Sat. I have a feeling that I will becoming up with a new design since the piece I threw in porcelain is quite thin at the top. Carvings and decor will probably more towards the bottom. We will see. I was looking at one of my pieces that I threw and tested a long time ago and think that is the next series I will be working on. The prototype is not that great in glaze application but still looks nice. I would like to retry this design again. I know it will turn out better because of the availability of more colors.

I thought that buying my own spray gun would run me in the $150’s. I actually can buy a pretty decent one for under $50. Yay for me. Just need to research more. Good thing is I can go to the local hardware store and pick up a spray gun that will help me glaze fast .

.new series – “woven” & update

Once again, I got to the studio late. I decided to take a nap after waking up early and then finalizing my two pieces. Got to the studio at two and my wheel was taken. The lady who was working on it Terri is giving me major attitude like “in your face” kinda tude. Whatever. she is annoying. I’m just getting the “bitch vibe from her. Thing is, she didn’t even use the wheel until about 45 minutes till the closing. BITCH. I’ll get there early next week and steal it back. Muhahahaha.

I have named my unnamed  series “woven” but now solid on that name yet. I will have to sit on it for a few days. It’s funny, the series name “Stitches” came  to me and was solid, this time around not the same but we will see. I was also thinking about “intertwined” or something along the lines of things being connected together.

I threw the last 3 pieces of the series so now I have 9. I took home the 6 I threw last week. Since the weather is cooler, my pieces are still pretty wet. 2 pieces I couldn’t even take off the board until  it was time to go. Thank goodness the came off. I will get to the pieces being at home a bit later

I also bought some porcelain clay. It’s nice and smooth to throw. It’s Coleman’s porcelain and unfortunately not too transparent. I asked Harry if he had some Southern Ice and sure enough he does. I only threw one piece. It’s in a shape that I love and will make a 3 piece series. I don’t know what else I will throw with this clay though. Will have to think about it.

So my time went by fast. I was going to glaze but I will have to come in during the week or wait until next weekend. I want to buy my own spray gun since I don’t like the one that is available. It’s just too much work. You can only have 2 guns at the most with different glazes. Since I like to layer a lot, I need something that I can just have 10 bottles of different glazes switch easily.

Now onto my pieces being at home. I put them in the kitchen. Stupid me should have just put them in the cupboard but NO, I didn’t think the Little would try anything. BOY was a wrong!!! She TOTALLY messed up all of them. One of them was so bad that I almost threw it out but being that I didn’t want to open a new bag of clay and for pricing reasons, I somehow salvaged it. Took me about 15 minutes to fix the damage to that one and another 15 for the others. I am happy though. I will start working on them tomorrow. I’m still quite pissed at the Little Bean but she is only a silly animal and doesn’t know any better. I just don’t understand what attracts her to clay. Why she seems to need to clay and bite it. what a weirdo. I love her though.

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