Monthly Archives: December 2008

.giffin grip is my new favorite tool

tlgiggwithpot_small2Wednesday I went to the studio with the intention of adding a rim the the “pretty little things::bud vase” series. Seeing that I needed to trim and SO did not want to hand trim them, I asked Harry about this one funny looking trimming aid and how to use it. WOW was I ever so happy that I did. The Giffin Grip is the best tool I have ever user. Usually I hate to trim on the wheel because you have to center it, blah blah blah and I suck at centering.
With the use of Giffin Grip, I don’t even have to try centering. It does all the work for you. It’s as easy as just turning the tool around so that the grips go inward to hold the piece. Great for production trimming as I was doing.


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