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.series completed “Stiches”: images!!

1 of 7 - same pot from the unfired piece

Finally my pieces were fired the second week of December and picked up that Saturday. It’s taken me this long to post again. Had some drama with my computer crashing and losing a lot of files. Edited images included. I have since done a re-shoot for 3 of the 7 pcs but only posting 1 image.

The glazes came out better than I had hoped. It’s very earthy. I really like the differences in all of them. I am also quite pleased that the base glaze, Sun Valley, came out the way it did. There are spots of greyish blue on some pieces. I also pleased that there are some areas with  goldish hues where I used the Malcolm Davis Shino. Overall I am just so please with the outcome.

Now all I have to do is post this for sale. I have an Etsy account but have not taken the time to researching it. I also have to post this on my “Oh so  need an update” website.

Hoping to post again. Soon. This week I started to paint again so that may take some time away from ceramics. I do however need to finish up the woven series and other works that I started last year.


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