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.time for an update

I started back up with ceramics. Last session I took only 5 sessions and spread them out. Turned out that wasn’t a good idea. Pretty much my throwing was very off. I decided to do another 5 sessions but then decided to do the full 9. This time around I am taking classes on Thursday night instead of all day Sat. This way I am throwing 2 days a week instead of one. Most importantly I will be able to trim my pieces that same week instead of waiting a week. ‘

So far this past 2 1/2 weeks I have been throwing larger pieces. 7 lbs + of clay. So far I am very pleased. I have been watching a lot of tutorials online on throwing larger pieces which seem to help. Though I feel I am doing well, Harry has made some great suggestions and also monitoring my skills. At first I was like “whatever” but now do really appreciate his help with me.

Two saturdays ago I threw a really beautiful piece. A lot of help from Harry, but overall most of my work. This past saturday I used Black Mountain Engobe to cover the what Bmix. I will be scatching out a a design this week. One similar to a design I have used before. I am excited as this is the biggest piece I have thrown in all my years. My goal for this year is to throw 25lbs of clay by the end of the year and make the piece super thin about 1/8 – 2/8’s “. Just to challenge myself.

Also this past sat I finally went for it and bought southen ice porcelain. It’s quite nice to work with. You really need to have a steady hand and lots of patience of not to rush your work. Thr first piece I cut the bottom too much so there was a hole at the base :(. I will try again on Sat.

Well that is all really. I figured if I throw larger pieces I can’t bring them home and forget about them so then I will be working faster. Hope that really sinks in.


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