Monthly Archives: July 2009

.july already, really?

Sheesh, time has flown by. Much has happened in the month of June. My apartment is under complete renovation so I had to pack up everything and move in with my parents. It’s quite frustrating to have your world discombobulated. I am utterly annoyed at the fact that I am not able to paint, sew, or work on anything creative whenever I want. I really miss my apartment and can’t wait to move back in whenever that may be. So with this going on, I haven’t really been able to create too much. I have been sketching though which is a big help and I had been going the studio so I haven’t faltered too too much

I am in the design decoration stage of my large vessels. I used a design that I have used a few times on one piece and have decided to apply the same design to a few others just to have a little series of them. It is a bit a tedious design since I am using the Mishima technique to it. For those of you who do not know what Mishima is, it’s Japanese technique where one carves lines into the clay and fills the lines with watered down colored clay (engobe). I will post images soon.


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