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.what a difference a little paint makes

When I moved back in one of the first things I did was repaint my art table. I have been wanting to do this since I was in San Diego, just never had the time. Now it’s all nice and purty with a nice new coat of black paint. It looks great against the wall I painted a asian teal. The whole area looks much better than before. Just take a look at the difference.

newworkspace1 redesigned art area


.back home

It’s been a month since I have moved back into my apartment. I have unpacked¬† gone through most of my things but there is still a lot to go through. I am trying to really go through everything and really really organize all my art supplies. While unpacking, I didn’t realize how many paintings I have. So many and soooo many unfinished ones. I do plan to start finishing the paintings. After they are quite dry (usually a painting will take over a year to completely dry if the painting is thick), I am probably going to take the canvas off the frame and roll them up to save space. Most of these are just practice paintings so I am not worried. It will be good for me to have somethings to start getting back into the swing of things.

I am happy that I know where all my art supplies are now. It’s given me the chance to do inventory on paints. It’s quite annoying when you go into a art store but then don’t know what you really have an end up having 3 tubes of the same color. It’s not a bad thing but if it’s a color you don’t really use, it’s kind of a waste of money. At least now I know I don’t have to buy new paints for a LONG time.

Last Saturday I threw 7 pieces for a series that was started last year. The painter who were repainting the apartment just shoved everything into bags and broke 90% of green ware (ceramic ware before the 1st firing). So annoyed about this but these came out much thinner so I am content. I need to work on these at a faster pace as it’s quite hot and my pieces are drying out faster.

It’s hot and sticky from all the heat and the smoggy air from fires. Hopefully I can update soon. Need to get the internet working at home. It will be much easier to post regularly when I have my own internet instead of getting it from a neighbor. Until then.

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