Monthly Archives: January 2010

.itchings and fundraisers

Itching to get back into the studio and work up a storm. Itching to get back into sewing and painting but my work area is a mess and I can’t work with a clutter around me. New year so far so good. Been coming up with some interesting ideas as of late for ceramic pieces. New and old ideas melded into one to make some craziness. One of my vases I knocked and part of the top broke. Harry and I will attempt to fix it. If not I will carve out an interesting opening. We will see what happens. Such a shame, I have put a lot of hours into that piece.

I was asked if I wanted to sell some artwork at a fundraiser for Haiti Earthquake victims so this week I am going through what pieces I think will sell and I may go make some new paintings of my popular themes special for the event. I will post when I know more. I think I can have at least 25 pieces of ceramic and painting to sell. Not a lot but still it will be worth it.


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