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The first of the “GEO” series was fired this week. Overall I am pretty happy with the results. The turquoise glaze was really watered down so none of the turquoise showed on the outside, just the inside. I used the Malcolm Davis Shino really lightly to get a shiny thin coating. I also dipped in turquoise but again, nothing happened. Even when I added thick dots of the glaze to the top, nothing showed. A few years ago I bought gold leaf on craigslist. $40 for seriously a shit load, I’m set for a good while on this. My plan is to add just a bit of gold to area so the piece pops just a bit. I have to buy the adhesive later today, so I’ll post images soon.
I would like to try to get the turquoise to show on the outside of the piece next time. I’ll also use the copper glaze as well.


.black mountain clay & “GEO” series

I vowed never to buy another bag of this type of clay because it’s just horrible to throw with. It had been years and I mean YEARS since I have thrown with any form of grainy clay. For years I’ve been throwing in only b-mix or porcelain. the texture is smooth, no grain/grog in the clay and was the right consistency. When I threw the black mountain clay for the first time, I was really disappointed. it was grainy so it tore nails and fingers up a bit. And the texture was too wet. So last night I decided I needed to buy more so I can add pieces to the to the “GEO” series. Also I wanted to make some larger bowls. I really liked the outcome of some bowls.
I seem to be more productive during the in between sessions. I was able to carve in one piece last night. A small orb. This piece had air bubbles in it so I tried to design around the few sir bubbles there were. I ended up cutting through a part so I incorporated the mistake into the piece. I don’t really want to add anything else to the piece so I am just going to call it a day on sat and have it fired.
I was able to throw 3 orbs. The first shape I liked. The second, I liked even more and the third is more along the lines of the original piece. I was looking through some older work and will probably incorporate some of those elements into the series. We will see. I think I would like also make some orbs in the b-mix as well so I can do a few opposites.

.spanish kale stew

I know this really has nothing to do with art. Well let me take that back. Cooking is a form of art. I know my ingredients and how to put them together to make a great meal/dish. So yes it pertains to this site. Anyway, the past few days I have been feeling poopy. Stuck at home with fever and an aching body. Today I felt a bit better. Still headache and stuffy. Since I didn’t really feel like going to the market or eating vienna sausages, I decided to make a light salad of cannellini beans, red onion, and roma tomato with olive oil, a bit of garlic powder, salt and pepper for added taste. When I tried it, the red onion was VERY over powering. I thought I would throw the whole thing in shallow pot and heat it up a bit.

From then on things started clicking in my head.  Started by adding some water. I started to rummage in my pantry and took out chicken stock, green lentils, and barley. Great, I can toss all that in. Ahhh and I have kale as well (used it in a super yummy pasta dish the night before). I took out 3-4 leaves, washed, chopped up and threw it in the pot as well. I let everything simmer and added more garlic powder, salt and pepper for taste. At this point it tasted pretty good but it needed something. I went to the freezer to take out some chicken but then stopped when I remember I had some left over al pastor in the freezer. I quickly added that to the pot and everything was heaven from then on. (sorry for the pic, it’s not the greatest image and I could have made a plate of the meal to look nice and pretty. Right now it doesn’t look like much but the taste is there)

I had a super yummy dinner. Ate it with a couple of tortillas and now I am so Full. Adding the pastor really gave it the flavor it needed. Just a hit of that spicy porkiness. I have so much left over for a couple of meals. I’d like to try it by adding kielbasa instead or chicken. I know I have left over chicken fajita so I could do that too. Cooking is fun but the best part is eating it. 🙂

Recipe below. This would be the proper way to create this dish, results should be the same. Adding chopped garlic to the recipe

1 16oz can Cannillni beans
2-3 garlic cloves – minced
1 -2  roma tomato – chopped
1 small onion – red, yellow or white chopped
3-4 cups kale – chopped
1/2 lb meat – can use chicken, pork, beef preferably seasoned already
1/8 c green lentils
1/4 c barley
4 cups chicken stock
2 tbsp olive oil

Heat pan and add oil.
Add chopped onion and cook 1-2 minutes. Add garlic and cook another minute
Add meat and cook half way through
Add beans, tomatoes and kale and sautee for a few minutes
Add 3 cups of chicken stock – keep 1 cup for later
Add lentils and and barley.
Cover pot and let simmer for 20 minutes – stir occasionally
Add rest of chicken stock depending how much liquid you want.
Simmer additional 5-10 minutes if adding more stock

Serve hot in bowls with a nice slice of bread

Serves 4-6


Think this was made around 02 or 03. I took a summer course at Glendale Community College. I liked their studio space. Very large and great glazes and engobes, however their kilns are all electric. Not that that is a bad idea, it’s just I prefer surprises from a gas kiln. I did like that I was able to get a nice red on this piece which is one reason I like electric kilns. More consistency on color.

This was my first attempt for a teapot. Not too bad. One semester I focused on just making teapots. I sold them all in San Diego. I kept this one because it’s a fun little piece. I enjoyed making it and I enjoyed designing a background for the image. I might try to make a few more teapots around this size along with tea cups to match. This doesn’t hold too much, only about 2 cups. I might attempt this same design in a larger size.

.original: Square Connections

This is the original piece that I made in 02. During this time, I wasn’t able to throw taller pieces so this is thrown as 2 pieces that were later on added together. I do have another pieces with this same design. A friend bought it from me for $25 or $30. My first ceramic sale. Most of my pieces I just gave away since I was like a production line. I didn’t add too much decoration back then and had A LOT of work. Ultimately my instructor, Dale Faulkerson, said he would fail me if I didn’t start adding decorative elements. This was a life changing moment for me per se.

.thank you Neil & baby doves

Was planning on going into the Studio from 10:30 – 2:30. What ended up happening was, I woke up at 9am, went back to sleep. Woke up at 10am, went back to sleep. Woke up at 11:30 and finally got up and took care a few things before I left. The reason for not getting up on time… I went to bed so late. 4am because I couldn’t fall asleep. It was kinda hot last night so I tossed and turned.
I titled this .thank you Neil because when we are between sessions, the studio is open from 10am – 2pm on Sat. Today, since I came later than I wanted, got there around 12:45ish, I thought I only had a couple of hours. When he said he was closing a bit later, I said stay till 5pm. Since that was not going to happen and he was going to stay a little later, the studio was open until 4ish. We ended up all leaving at 4:30. WOO HOO.
I was able to trim all the pieces that I threw the last two sessions and change the glaze color to one of my pieces. I was a bit disappointed that 2 of my pieces had air bubbles in them. One I swear had a million in them. It wasn’t worth keeping. These were the orbs I threw the last Saturday. The one that turned out fine, I trimmed a bit too much. I might lose this piece. The for taller vases I threw, I trimmed with an actual foot. Something that I normally don’t do but I am pushing myself out of my comfort zones. One piece flew off the wheel and got a bit banged up but I can save it. I also had to break two old pieces that I trimmed though. One being made of southern ice.  😦 The other being made of black clay. Oh well. I can always make more
one of the studio ladies, Nina, has a dove living on her shelf. The dove decided to make a nest on a box on her shelf. Today I finally saw the babies. There are two of them and I was able to witness them eating from their Mama’s beak. So precious. I wanted to snap a picture but I figured by the time I went to my car to get my camera, they would have been done. I will see if I can snap a picture of them next week.
On another note, two duckies were swimming in the pool this morning. I did get a pic of that. Think I will use this a reference for a sketch paint in the near future. Speaking of, I am going to start that up again next week.

.time consumption & planning

. time consumption
At times I literally want to step out of my body and slap myself because of the designs I come up with. Most of them are so time consuming. Don’t get me wrong after the fact they turn out really nice. I don’t really mind the design part of it. It’s more on the the glaze side.
A couple of weeks ago I was at the studio and I really wanted to throw. I knew I needed to glaze work before I even touched the wheel or else it would never get done (I am really trying to complete pieces this year). When I was half way through my second piece doing prep work I suddenly said out loud “seriously why do I make things so complicated”? It took awhile to get areas on 3 pieces waxed then sprayed w/ 2 different glazes, that I didn’t have enough time to start throwing.
Over those 2 weeks I didn’t throw at all because I was finishing up work. If it hadn’t been for the crystalline glaze firing last sat, I would have had to wait until Thursday to start throwing again.

So I am trying to work faster. Not really setting a goal of how many new pieces I can create, but I want to get things moving. I still have 3-4 large pieces that I need to work on and a small 3 piece series along with maybe 1-2 other smaller pieces that I may just end up glazing and calling it a day. I am thinking if I throw on Thursday nights (granted I get there early enough), I can throw a 3-5 piece series. come that Sat if I am there from 10am – 2:30, I trim and design those pieces thrown on Thursday. If I have things to glaze, then glaze too.  I would also like to throw but I think I will just keep Thursdays as my throwing days though so don’t produce too much work. We will see though.

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