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.may cometh and goeth

So May has come and gone and tomorrow it will once again be June. Hot damn, this year went by fast. I’m not really sure if I have accomplished all I wanted this month, I did however get a few pieces completed. I still feel that I need to work faster. It was suggested by Harry to add another 5 classes which I am going to do so I can work Thursday night (just need to get there earlier) and ALL day Sat. I am still on a mission to get everything that I have thrown in the past year completed. As to where they will go, that’s… I don’t know. I will figure it out later. I want to participate in the Holiday sale this year so I need to get A LOT more work done at a faster rate but I don’t want to just settle for a simple design just so I can accomplish that goal. I need to Annaify, yes I made a new word, my pieces. Meaning I need to carve and texture my pieces. I would like to attempt my “woven series” but being that it’s getting warmer, I’ll have to work at a super ninja like pace in order for my pieces to not dry out.

I’ve been in the process of doing inventory on ALL my art supplies so I can start up on my art regime again. Created a damn spreadsheet and everything. Yes I am a dork :p. I seriously need to start sketching, sketch painting and painting again. I just found my sketching for my Koi painting. I’ve been looking for it for about 6 months so now I can start working on it again. It’s a time-consuming piece with lots of layering but in the end I know it will turn out well like my other koi painting.  I also kinda need to clear up my art table. it’s not as organized as I would like. Kinda a mess since I have to keep the cat’s bowls of dry food up there (Stella eats their food because she is a piggy pup, she eats anything really; stomach of steal) and end up throwing mail, papers and other misc things on there as well. My goal is to work in a different medium every night so say Monday  sketch  and draw in pencil and markers, Tuesday paint and sketch paint, Wednesday pastels, Thursday Ceramics, Friday (if not going out but most of the time i don’t go out) sew, Sat ceramics and Sunday maybe make a wheel and spin it to see what medium to work on. Maybe I will make it craft day so I can make my nephews photo album and such or photo shop day. I don’t know. Will figure it out. All in all I think this way it will keep me in check so I don’t get bored or distracted. I think in general i just need to get more organized in my life. It seems to have run a muck lately and  I don’t like it. I need to be back on some sort of schedule. I like schedules to stick to even though once in a while I like to be spontaneous.

It’s freaking 4:45 in the morning. I’ve been coming back and forth to this post for the past hour in between spring sprung cleaning. Another dang sprung cleaning since I get really bad allergies to dust and dander. With four freaking fur balls, I need to clean often. Being out of town 2 times in the past few weeks and catching up on work, it’s been kinda hard to spend the appropriate time (to my standards anyway) to deep clean all over the apartment. Will have to update again later with images of new works and updates on what I am working on at the studio.


.iheart doggies

Last Thursday night instead of packing for my trip to Vegas, I procrastinated by making a series of iheart images for Stella’s little friends. The original iheart was made for Gizmo because he is a cute ball of white fluffiness. Though his is very plain compared to the others, it’s one of my favorites. I had a load of fun making these. It’s been quite some time since I dorked out on photoshop

.update & glazed piece

4.29.10 – First day of new term. I don’t really remember what I accomplished that day. I think I only, yes I know I only glazed the textured drops piece. Second time around was much faster than the first.  This time around I set up the spray booth so I could spray the damn thing and call it a day. I don’t know how well of a job i did as there were some drips but I tried to smooth them out. I need to learn to be more patient when spraying. Or have more patience when using the sprayer. I think the latter is more likely. I then attempted to glaze another little piece. The celedon glaze was really watered down that I ran into a lot of problems. Had to dunk it and leave it for another day. 

5.1.10 – Went into the studio  (May 1st, also birth of baby Keating. Congrats to new parents Catherine and Jeremy!!) and was able to accomplish a lot some work.  Trimmed the “GEO” orbs. Added bottoms and painted  2 with terracotta and 1 with b mix. I only spent 2 hours at the studio so in that time, I did a lot. I was also able to pick up my finished piece “Square connections” and I have to say that I am very very very happy with the results. Although you can see where it broke and was repaired, it still came out great. I don’t think I will sell this one because of the flaw but I will be making more because I am crazy like that. Lots of time and energy put into the design elements but it’s just SO well worth it.

5.7.10 – Went in determined to make it worth while. Finished one of the “GEO” orbs and started to work on the other 2 but wanted to play on the wheel instead. This term, the focus is on teapots. Usually I don’t participate on what Harry has planned but I have been thinking of making teapots again. I actually really have fun making them and have very different design ethics for them. It’s funny how you set yourself up in a certain niche for most of your work but then every once in awhile your detour away from your usual and produce something unfamiliar to your style.

Since I am once again trying to get rid of the STOOPID black mountain clay. I swear, I know I say it now that I will never buy it again but I know deep down that I am going to buy it again because I love the results. The damn clay is just too freaking wet. It’s horrible to throw with. That plus that fact that I utterly suck at wedging clay (literally need to take clay wedging 101), I was having a bit of trouble throwing. After several attempts I finally was able to throw a decent shape. I know I am going to alter the shape more when I work with it again next time (which will have to be next week as I will not be coming in this Sat). Threw a spout and called it a day for throwing.

I revisited glazing that one piece from the week before since harry encouraged me to glaze something in the Oxidation firing. I will hopefully get the Yelledon (yellow celedon) that I like. Most people don’t like this color. I think their… well we won’t go into what I think. So that was that. I am working faster and getting more work out. Planning things out better. I still need to draw up the geisha’s which I hope I can do during the weekend or during the week. Also I want to carve into one of my larger pieces and need to draw up a design.

.fail: in studio on 4/23/10

I went in to the studio with the intention of 1) finish glazing the textured drop piece 2) trimming the 3 orbs for the GEO series 3) drawing Geisha’s on the Geisha series.
I started the night with the textured drop piece. Last Sat I was able to spray a portion of the piece with the clear blue glaze (really beautiful blue water color) and block out the sections I wanted with glaze. Tonight I needed to do some clean up. I was able to get the area to where I wanted. I also wanted the middle of the drops to be a darker color. I was going to use zap blue (dark blue) but then decided against it. I found some EZ stroke glaze that would give it the right of color effect I wanted. Then I proceeded to block that area with wax as well. Was a bit of work but I got the job done. Cool. Now it was either dip or spray. I didn’t want to set up the spray booth if no one else was going to use it so I decided to dip. FAIL!!! I f**cked everything up. Should have gone with my gut and waited till I was in the studio again to spray.  I was tired anyway and a bit cranky that night. So of 3 things planned, NOTHING accomplished.

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