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Three weeks ago I threw a series of teapots. The prior week I only threw one and I wanted to start making a little collection of them. In total I want at least 5 so I need to throw one more to complete that goal. I actually really enjoy making them, they each come out so different.

For the past 2 weeks I have been building these. Been spending a little too much time on them but I want them turn out well so it’s okay to take the extra time. I would like to also throw matching tea cups so I can sell them as a set.
Speaking of selling stuff. It’s funny, I don’t feel attached to teapots. For some vases I have an immediate attachment because I work on them for a long time. I have still put a lot of time and effort into each teapot, I just… I don’t know. I just think it’s kinda odd. Maybe because design wise, it’s completely different than I am used to. Not sure. Oh well


.studio space

I might be moving in the next couple of months. The duplex I am looking at has a garage for storage or car parking use. Since there is ample parking on the street, I can use the garage as storage. I’m gonna talk to the owner and see if he will let me cut out a doorway to the garage. This way I will have easy access to the garage and be able to turn it into a studio. I can keep my art table out there and maybe buy a portable wheel. Also be able to the stinky liter box out there.¬† Best part of having so much space. I will have a place to store all my ceramic work. I really hope I get this place. It’s closer to work and though it’s not Los Feliz or Silverlake, it’s close by. I’m already designing the place in my head. I want to live here but more I REALLY hope the owner will be cool with me to make a doorway to the garage.

UPDATE: 6.3.10
I got the duplex. As for making a doorway to the garage, not sure but at least I will have space to store my freakin 7 ft art table and other things. It will be nice so I can actually have dining space and start cooking for small get togethers. Also having a storage help declutter the house. I will probably still need a art /sewing area if I can’t make a doorway. Can’t wait to move. I move in early¬† to mid August.

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