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I’ve been living in my new place about 2 months now and LOVE it. Having a garage for storage is a major help. I no longer have my beloved art table in the house but that is okay with me.  I have however bought a small desk and added wheels so I can move it around when needed. I’ll use this for painting and sewing and then solely for sewing (maybe) when I get my studio set up. If and when that gets done I will probably be painting on the weekends only. Not sure yet. I have so much organizing for ALL my supplies. When I had  to temporarily move in with my parents last summer, I had the notion of sewing so I had to pick through my supplies and take what I needed. Not only did I not sew during that time, I’ve misplaced so many things. I hope to sort through all my fabrics, patterns and other stuff soon. Need to do that with painting supplies too. I lost my list of oil paints I have so need to do inventory AGAIN. Arg

A few weeks back Harry asked if I was considering participating in the holiday sale this year. I’ve been on and off at the studio for 3 years now with this year being the most time I’ve dedicated to my ceramic work. Awhile back I mentioned I wanted to participate this year. I wasn’t really sure when I was asked but ultimately decided to go for it. I have work that I can sell and I thought that it would push me to work faster. So with this decision I needed to invest in a wheel. I’ve been thinking of getting one, the portable one which would be cheaper and easier. I knew Harry had one at the studio so I asked if he would consider renting or selling it to me. Well he made me an offer to buy and I bought. I am now a proud owner of an army green  wheel. The first weekend I had it I wasn’t able to throw. Had to finish up some office work and until then I didn’t allow myself to use it. I’m really happy having a wheel at home. It’s something that I have wanted for over 5 years. Just wasn’t able to do it because of time, finances, lifestyle etc. But now I finally am in a place in life that allows me to have this. I’ll be able to work on things much faster. Of course I will still go to the studio but I think it will be more for glazing and socializing. HAHA on the last part. I plan to only throw non white clay bodies at the studio though.


I’ve been slowly working on more teapots. I decided to stop working in black clay after making 4 teapots and move to b- mix. The first teapot I made I liked the shape so much that I didn’t want to add a handle. Since then all the teapots I’ve made in b-mix are handle less. Also they all have a little animals on the top of each lid. I think they are all sweet.  I’m planning on making 12 teapots total. 6 in each type of clay body. I’ve made 5 in b-mix and 4 in black mountain as stated before but I may just do 8 in b-mix. Out of all of them my favorite has to be the one with the little dino on top but they are all very cute and sweet (pictures to follow in another post, still in editing stages)

Finally have images of glazed teapots. I have 2 teapots ready for glaze firing. One in black mountain and one in b-mix. I think overall the they turned out well.Though I still like the glazes of the Black mountain teapots, I think I could have done a better job. I just didn’t mix the glaze enough nor dip enough. Oh well.


Have been wanting to make a light cover made of beads that my friend Monty makes. I asked if he would either teach me or make me one. We settled on a trade. He would teach me and give me wire already stranded with beads and I would make him a suiteki (japanese water dropper used in calligraphy). Monty liked a style of something  I had shown him so he wanted something similar. That night I went home, hopped on the wheel and threw a little suiteki for him. It turned out to be a fun little piece. I think I am going to make a few more for the sale along with little water dishes to match.


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