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.update & organize

Wow July already? Deja Vu. Didn’t I write this line before in another post last year or the year before? So a lot has and not a lot during the first 6 months of the year. Been more creative because I rearranged my apartment and having a semi permanent painting station in the apartment. I came to the conclusion that I will probably not be able to use the garage as a work area but that might change when I organize it. Been on the list for months now. I will be coming up on my 1 year at this place so I want to be able to get certain things done or done within the month of August.
I also joined another ceramic studio in order to push myself in a direction I need to go into as an artist. Different environment, more affordable firings and different glazes. Started painting again. Came up with a whole series of paintings. I was all gung ho at first but then ultimately started dwindling from painting. Ideas is still strong however the execution is still something I have to think more about. I have started the series but have stepped away from it for a bit.

Recently recently I have really been honing down on getting organized.  First step, was rearrange. Second step, get all my ceramic and painting supplies in order. Third step, stick to a routine to get my life personal, artistic and work life in order. I’m in a better head space than I have been in the past couple of months. Caught myself settling into bad habits etc. Now my mind is clearer, I feel that I am in a better place.  Thanks to apps that I downloaded to my patiently waited for white iPhone. Seriously really helps keeping me in check. Along with getting organized and instilling good habits, I will be blogging at least weekly. Even if no one really reads this, it’s good for me to get my thoughts and nonsense blah blah out.  It’s late, I scheduled to write this hours ago and didn’t. Instead of putting it off for tomorrow, just a quickie for now. More to come on new ceramic pieces and other blah blahs.


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