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As of late I’ve been breaking a lot of pieces due to thinness and bone dry state. Over the weekend I finished this bowl and even though it was thin at the bottom it was fine. Silly me decided to stack other bowls on top of it while in transport. Oh and part of a banana too. When I got to the studio, the bottom was broken. Lesson learned though.

I tried to patch it up with magic water but 2 hours later the pieces were falling off. The wet patch is the broken area. I do like this design. I’ve used it on other pieces too. I think it translates really well with the bowl shape. It’s a low shallow bowl.

That same day I threw 7 more bowls of similar style. Had a pretty discouraging day from different frustrations early on, but once I took a break and returned it was easier. The one in the pic is larger than than the ones I threw, but just slightly. I do want to throw larger ones though.  I plan to do variations of this design and use different engobes.

I’m getting faster in my design stages, able to knock off a nice chunk of time in the past few weeks. Also new design concepts coming to me faster. Still all a learning process but I like where things are going.


.slacking on painting

I’ve put off painting for a LONG while now. I have ideas, just lack many areas of energy in doing so. I’m fine with putting my one series I had planned to debut in August on the back burner. I’m fine with not getting a start on some really great gifts for cherished ones. I can deal with that. However, this new painting I want to start I am starting to beat myself up because the deadline is coming close. Actually I have two painting in mind. One in watercolor or a smaller oil and one really large one. The large canvas I got a crazy deal at Swaines. Buy one canvas get 3 free any size. I left the store with over $200 worth of canvas for a mere $60. The other three canvases will be for the other paintings for people.

My prime hold back is I lack confident in my painting skills. This is a portrait. Am I good enough. What if I fuck up so bad that 1) I won’t even attempt to give it to the person and 2) the person hates it. I can envision it already done, I really just have to start. I’ve had the canvas for about 3 weeks. I still haven’t prepped it. I in hopes that maybe if I get this out of my mind for a bit, out into open, I’ll be able to get out of this little mind set and actually start.

Another reason I find no time for painting is that I’m too invested with my ceramic work. I’m trying to get work for the sale done or enough done now to feel satisfied. I’m over stressing a bit.  I do need to start painting, maybe it will be a good distraction for a couple of days. I do know I want to start the painting in a relaxed mind set just so any struggling thoughts  don’t  translate into the painting.  I have a few weeks to get it done. It’s a larger painting for me but I think I should be fine once I start. I’ve done sketches and I feel good about them, I don’t want to  rush it this either. I’ll get there, just need to get a few things cleared out of my head first. Hopefully if it’s done on time, if not, I don’t think it would be too big of a deal it’s a bit late.

.down to one

Yesterday I started to go into panic mode about the upcoming sales. I was at echo trimming bowls and working on the jars and it hit me ” I don’t have enough shit for 2 sales” I started to do an inventory in my head of old stuff in storage, new finished pieces and pieces to be finished by sales. I counted 17 pieces waiting to be bisque fired at echo. Amongst them “geo orbs” series, large bowl, more bowls, one of the jars (turning our really nice, write up on another post when other is done)  and I have quite a few new pieces at home. I took home the trimmed bowls (8) so I can work on those and I have 2 lidded pieces I will have done by end of week. I do have a pieces that I think I can squeeze in by the sale as well.I started to feel relieved that I would have just  enough work for both sales, but barely.

This morning when I opened email, I got an email from Harry about the Berman sale. Unfortunately not enough people have signed up so there will be no sale. I was saddened but then also kind of relieved. I would be doing two sales back to back weekends. I’d be stretching myself to thin with work, getting pieces done, working on a painting and trying to have somewhat of a social life. With one sale out of the way, I can ease up a bit more.  I can also put more focus on a painting I would like to have done towards the end of the month. Not quite sure yet though but that is the goal.

So with one down and one still going, I know that I will A LOT of pieces. . I still may try to do the sale at Echo but that sale is in December, giving me somewhat of a break and some time.

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