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.membership & the Awesome Four

The Wednesday before the sale at Xiem, my friend and fellow classmate Tamara and I became the newest members at Xiem. She and I have been waiting oh so patiently for this day. I’m glad that I was able to join at the same time as someone I know. Made it a little bit more exciting. iHeart the studio. It’s the biggest, cleanest and most cost effective for me. Plus I feel safer at the location due to the gated parking lot.

Words can not describe the happiness I feel. I thought I was going to be able to utilize Echo’s studio but not able to go as much as I would like.  Xiem feels like home. I love everything about the. There are so many super sweet and SUPER talented people there. Membership status came a a prime time as well. I was able to set up my display for the sale at night when no one around and take my sweet time doing so. Will have to put image of the display in the next post

Another fellow classmate,  Jason, participated in the Xiem sale. He informed me that he would also be a a member soon (signed up the  Tuesday after sale). Jason, Tamara and I all started in the same class with Jim this past August. When our next class came around this “new dude”  joined our class. I jokingly said that he would have to interviewed to join our group or something of that liking. Whatever was said, I really was only joking. I like our small class. We have much fun together, at least Tamara and I do. We kinda harass Jim a lot, but in all defense Jim has a SUPER easy and lax class so we gotta do sumthin.  Anyway, now we are just waiting for Shaun aka “new dude” to have membership.  I’ve named us the Awesome four because we’re not superheros and can’t be the fantastic four. Plus I created a super awesome special group on Facebook called Awesome Ceramic Artists.  I know I’m a bit weird and silly  but it’s a good weird.


.tiny boxes

Now that I am done with the sale stuff, I started making tiny boxes. At the end of the .productivity post, I mentioned lidded jars Jim had shown us how to make. I made 5. Out of the 5, 2 survived. Out of the 2, 1 made it all the way being a final product (now lives in the home of my lovely neighbor Ann). After much bitching, moaning and swearing that I wouldn’t make another one, I end up making a billion little one and a few improved larger versions. All as holiday gifts, although I might make more to sell on etsy. Haven’t decided yet.

I started making these when I saw Marilyn, a new friend I made at Xiem, showed me hers. Wanted to make one for myself so I could put my stud earring in when I take them off to take a shower. Currently, I just put them in a shot glass. It works, just not as cute though. Made a few then made larger ones revised ones. The next week, I made a whole lot of them. Since then I have been trimming and adding little animals and things to the tops. They are super sweet and I hope my friends and family like them .

.time management & sale

Don’t you hate it when you think you have more than enough time to do things, decide to get a later start and then realize that “FUCK, I didn’t plan well”? Well that is exactly how things have been working out for me as of late. I think I have it all planned out in my head only to be rushing and not getting everything I wanted to done. But c’est la vie. It’s not worth stressing over. I must say that the time I chit chatted with people instead of working was well worth it. I learned from my experience and in time I should get better at managing my time.

I was stressing that I didn’t have or make enough stuff for the upcoming sale at Xiem. Sale was cancelled due to weather forecast postponed till next week. Turns out a lot of people said next weekend would work out better. Everything happens for a reason. I was going to try to get a couple of extra pieces done before next weekend. Thought about it for a minute and decided against it. I’m in a good head place right now. I don’t want to feel rushed. Next sale though I will try to plan better.


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