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.awesome 4

Shaun is a member starting next week. The awesome 4 has graduated from Jim’s class. Aww, I’m gonna miss his class but honestly what he said once “I don’t know what to teach you” is kinda true. BUT, I have learned a lot from him.

1) he’s changed my way of throwing and somewhat way of thinking when I am throwing. To me that is huge deal, because I don’ t really like change.

2) I learned some new tips and tricks on throwing

3) um I don’t know what else. I’m fascinated with his glaze choices. Well most of them.

Okay so I’m a bit of a dork and made a logo forĀ  us too. I like orange and never considered what the other 3 liked because I’m a headcase and made us into a little group. Can you say DIZORK???


.juried shows

I’m not a potter, I don’t consider my work to be functional and I don’t really want to be known for making functional work. I know how to make functional ware. I’d rather give those things away as gifts than try to get my name out there by selling functional ware. Sounds kinda, um I don’t know, maybe like an ass or something. But I know what I want, have a idea of the directions my work should go in and I want it now; however, I can’t be impatient. I still need to work on my skills. Throw thinner, larger, perfect shapes, trim better and experiment with glazes. From participating at the fall sale, I know what will sell of my work and what won’t. I was a little disappointed that none of my vases sold, but then again, not many sold last year as well. Harry said to me that I need to know my market. That some settings you bring a majority of one style of work, and the a little of the other style and other shows or sales you do the opposite. I get that, but my head gets in the way, and I don’t want to listen even though I should. I guess that’s the stubborn Capricorn in me.

During the sale, I was speaking to my friend Sharon on how my work if very different from the other artists. I know I say this in other posts but it is.. She agreed and suggested that I look into juried shows. I’ve looked in the past but kinda just skimmed through it. I have no experience, so asking around was my first thought. I asked Jim. Kinda got a eeehhh answer from him. His point was why pay someone to look at your work or something of that sort. In a way, it’s kinda true but some of them are free. I also asked Sharon and her response was hit and miss but still encouraged me to look into it. I don’t know who else to ask or talk to, I am thinking of emailing a few past instructors but for me talking in person is much better. This past Thursday, I asked Harry. I value his opinion very much. His thought is that it’s a really good way to expose your name etc. I am thinking of asking Robert too, I don’t know if he has done juried shows or not, but I would like to know his thoughts as well. By the way, he’s a fucking awesome artist. His throwing skills are superb, it’s a real treat to watch him throw. He makes it look so easy. Harry and Jim do too but man, there is just something kinda mesmerizing watching him throw.

I’ve started to mark my calendar for a few shows. One of them is based on teapots. Small teapots. PERFECT. I already love to throw small teapots. I was going to enter my dinosaur but Mr Al broke it. He’s normally not a bad cat but he was trying to see what was in the box and boom, box falls, pieces tumble out and… broken teapot. BOO Al BOO. I’m still considering sending an image though. I don’t know if they will need the actual piece. If not I think I will submit it for something else where I know they will not need it. Well I think I know.

I’ve already thrown two new teapots. Both are assembled. One of the teapots the direction has changed. I am not quite sure right now where it’s going. The other, I have it pictured in my mind, but I don’t know. I think it will be along the same lines but a bit different than I thought. I do have an idea of what glazes to use though. I’m starting to get a feel for what the overall look for my pieces are going to be once I’ve trimmed them. Sometimes for new ideas, I have the overall look and idea pictured in my head. For painting it’s the same. I already know what I want it to look like, but with painting, I second guess myself and end up not moving forward until I feel I have more technique down. It fucks with me to the point that I just stop painting, which I have. I’m blocked and don’t know what is blocking it. Maybe too scared. Who knows. I’ll be forcing myself to pick up the brush soon.

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