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.first week of Jan

I have slacked on going into the studio. Finally started going in last week Thursday. Shaun threatened to kick me out of the group if I didn’t start to show up. Was suppose to go in on Wednesday but decided to go to the driving range instead. Was good to get back into the studio. Trimmed one piece and threw a few pieces for Tamara. I’m her ghost thrower. She gave me some rod’s bod which I haven’t used in a billion years. Stayed away from it because I thought I would tear up my hands. It throws really nicely and I love how the little iron specs show through the glaze.

From the lump of clay she gave me I decided to throw mini boxes. Everyone was starting to leave and I didn’t want to be the last one there like usual so I threw them really really really fast. 7 in total. This is when the light bulb in my head went off for me to throw the weeks worth in one day. Although I should always make a couple of extras just in case I mess up while trimming.

Saturday seemed like the most productive day last week. I trimmed 6 of the 7 mini pots/jars. Trimmed through the bottom of one. I have decided that after this small batch thrown in rods bod, I will not be using it again. It doesn’t trim well for small things. I will stick to the b-mix and other non griddy clay bodies. There is this little voice in my head saying to not count these and make new ones but they are decorated already so probably not. All of the little jars were topped off with 3D decorations except one. The spiral one was inspired by Ellen.

Was able to decorate 2 bowls using mishima technique. Used the square connection design chartreuse green engobe. This time I will not be using apple green celedon and end up losing the design. I’ll just use clear. Can’t wait for the results. I also the layed out design and started carving of one of the bottles. I wanted to finish it that night but decided to go home instead.

Sunday came in only for a few hours. Had some mini boxes that I threw last year so wanted to get them out of the way. Don’t really want to throw anything new until I have finished up some work that needs to get done soon. There is a bunch of stuff at home that I need to either throw into the reuse clay bucket or finish up. All of it is bone dry already, oh and far far away from the little cat so she can’t break them, bite them or pee on them.

I didn’t take pics of the all four of the decorated boxes I did on Sunday. Only of one. A squirrel with a crown. At least that is what it’s suppose to be. Made another mushroom one. I think the mushroom ones will be a popular design so I’ll make a few every month or so. I’m also not limiting myself to little characters. I did a mishima one that turned out really cool. If it’s still on the shelf I’ll try to remember to take a pic.

Tonight I need throw 10 jars. 1 to be made up and 2 extra for the week. I have totally lagged on the teapots. I need to get them done ASAP. Deadline for the jury show is SOON. Should be able to finish up one tonight. I leave for San Francisco on Thursday so I’ll have to get my ass moving these next 3 days.


.new year & creative resolution

Yay, it’s a new year. December seemed like a long month for me. I was over the holidays before they began. Just wanted to get the month over with and start a new year. Also I was kinda out of it for a bit from the new medication I have been taking for my fibromyalgia. Stuff keeps the pain at bay but the constant headache made me want to sleep A LOT and I hate sleep. But now it’s a new year and I can back into the swing of things.

So with the new year I decided instead of making the regular resolution, though I keep making resolutions on a weekly basis, I am making a creative resolution. This year is to make a mini pot a day, 365 err 366. At first I thought i would just throw one in the morning, trim it at night and add the decoration. All this done at home. But I don’t want to have to deal with keeping the wheel out and the clean up every day. So I am opting to make 7 a week. I can throw them super fast. 7 in about 5 minutes. Trim them a day later and have the rest of the week to add decorations, have them bisqued and possibly glazed. Seems like a good creative resolution for me. I plan to document week by week. Will help me keep my blogging up.

So does anyone else out there have a creative resolution for 2012? If yes what is it.



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