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.back to roots

Awww the sale is over, has been and I’m SOOO glad it is. I’m still making some large bowls but they are mainly made to see how much I can push myself. Will probably give them away as gifts. It’s kinda cool to see how large of a bowl/platter I make a 6lb ball of clay turn into. All this practice is worth it. Trying to see if I can make sets. This one person from the sale contacted me for a possible commission. I haven’t contacted him back yet since I just made prototypes of the size he asked for. At least one come out of the kiln today. The larger might have been loaded yesterday. Don’t know. Too  tired to go to the studio yesterday. Blah.

I’m getting back to my roots of design for my vases. New style has evolved from the geo orbs. It will include crystalline glazes. harry doesn’t know when he will do another firing. BOOO. No one asks except me. BOO again. Why do people think Crystalline is gaudy. Aww who cares, I love it, I love raku just as much.  Hope I can get these things finished tonight and into a bisque fire by the end of the week. That reminds me must make vessels for  raku. I think there are two this term. hmm, gotta check.

There is one design of candle holders that I want to make again. They are very delicate but still it’s something i have not seen ANYONE do. I’ll be calling them “luminaries” since Colin calls his candle holders that. Hehe. I’m such a brat. OH WELL.

I don’t really know what else to write and update the blog world with. Still going strong with the mini box project. Got some kick ass ones that other day and non of them stuck. WOO HOO. I am starting to get a bit bored but I committed myself to this project and it’s gonna happen. It’s crazy to think that 366 little boxes will fit into a 5x5x5 box.  I’m so bad i just place them in into the top of a box. I need a bigger box, so that is why I think 5x5x5 will work. I might need a larger on. Last week I threw larger ones. I don’t know when I started to throw smaller ones. Who knows, they vary in size. That’s fine with me. I’m sure the rest of the world would be fine too






Last night and today I participated at the Spring sale at Xiem Clay Center. what a blast!!! Thank you all to those who came and supported the arts.
I never imagined to do this well at the sale and make good contacts. I had such a good time meeting everyone that came by, whether or not they bought anything. For pieces or dinnerware that were sold, I am so happy they went to great homes.
I think the best part of my day was today, running around and make trades. I love so many people’s work. It’s one thing to see things here an there, it’s another to see it all come together.
Another great part was seeing how much we can all come together to get the studio back in order. Literally it was super fast. Faster than the last sale. I love being part of the studio, everyone, well mostly everyone is a joy to be around. They are and the people at Berman are like my second family. I can not express more how much joy and happiness each and everyone I have met from working with clay has brought me. And to think, I hated clay when I first started. My biggest thanks in my journey through clay is to Dale Fulkerson for pushing me directions I didn’t know I was capable of.
I’m just a happy chipper little camper right now, so I’m just gonna express it.

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