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.first post – sneak peek

Decided that I would post a blog on my webpage instead of just having a page with many pages. that would be lame. Haha. So first post is up. Images aren’t the greatest. Will be starting to do photo shoots starting either this week or next week but latest by the 15th. I have to keep on schedule. I am feeling a bit of anxiety from this project but it’s a good anxiety, that totally doesn’t really make sense since anxiety in general is not good. Either or.  Overall, I feel this project has helped me with my time management on projects I’ve been working on this past year.

Anyway, here is the link to sneak peek. At the end of each post from this blog I will be adding the link.


.2012 mini box project – UPDATE

SOOOO… almost 10 months since I have started this project. currently I around 175 boxes that have been glazed  for the project, maybe 50 or so extras, probably broke some too and around 65 that I’m still working on. I am still considering doing redo’s for January though. Also my little dragon for Chinese new years was broken during that green ware raid so I have to work on him.

When they raided the green ware room back in July, some of my pieces were either thrown out or broken. Since then I’ve been kind of pissy about the whole situation and decided to throw and trim the boxes at home. I am not decorating the boxes during the time frame I had first proposed. Instead. I throw and trim them weekly, have the theme for the week, label them and keep them moist until I can get to them. some weeks I’m better than others and able to bang out a few weeks at a time. Others I still am working from earlier in the year. Do I feel bad that I kinda went off my path. HELL NO!!! They start to consume all your time and I need to work on other stuff instead. This is just a project to see if I can do it.

Anyway, so instead of documenting this whole adventure in a blog (which still might happen), I thought I would dedicate a page on my website instead. If I want, I will then create a blog. Maybe start one in December and call it, “the end is near, mini box project of 2012” and do a daily countdown post. Of course I won’t have all my pieces done by the end of the year since the last week of Dec starts on Sunday and Ends on Monday. I’d have to have my own little kiln to fire and glaze 2 little pieces on Monday the 31st.

I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to stick to my goal. Though I made up other rules to fit in with my lifestyle, I still stick to throwing 12 a week and trying to trim them that same week. The most that matters to me is that it was thrown that same week. Everything else, I really don’t care. LOL.

It’s pretty cool to see all the little boxes stacked on top of one another in a small 5×5 box. I don’t really store them well, oops. It’s also pretty cool that I’m the only one who has seen them all laid out. It’s actually quite amazing to see all these little boxes spread out together. It’s ALOT.  People at the studio see them in groups of themes. Some people see more themes than others, but no one else has seen them altogether. I’m special that then I guess. Silly me.

For my page dedicated to the project, I will post some boxes, not all. I have no idea why I want to keep them a secret. So silly, maybe I just want to reveal them altogether.

I’d also like to make a mini book picturing and documenting them. I’d probably have the book be around 40-60 pages, maybe go to extremes and have a mini book that is 365 pages. That would just be bananas. But then again, anyone that knows me knows that I kinda go overboard at times. I’ll probably do something out of the box for that idea. Mid October I am planning to start little photo shoots around L.A. I think it would be neat to give the book as a gift to someone and/or have a book available for sale.

Well now I guess it’s time for an update on what themes I have been working on. There are so many amazing artists at the studio I work out of. It’s amazing how all our styles are so different and unique. One day I believe in June, I turned to my bestie at the studio, Jason (yes he is my studio hubby I am his straight wife), and said “I’m going to do a “Jason series”. And from that, a trend was born. I have designed 2 other series based off of fellow artist designs, Ellen and Sally Anne. Currently working on the “Colin series”. While all have been fun, this particular series has pushed me over board. I am in love with the ones I have created already (only 3). There are so several other artists that I want to make a series for. Just gotta look at their work more and see how I go about it. I do feel that I need to do another Jason series though.

I’m a butt and I don’t have any pics to post. Sometime ago my beloved iPhone died on me and I didn’t back up. I lost a lot of images. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’ll have to add photos at another time.

Check out 2012 Mini Box Project Page for more current updates

.blue moon pick up

Short and quick post. August blues or something. It seemed to affect others to.
Finally towards the end of the month something just clicked. The week of the blue moon, I just got into creative carving mode. Happy to be out of the funk and into something new. Now only if that would happen with painting.

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