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.transformation; reconnection

A lot has gone down in a short period of time. I am blessed to be going  through a transformation, rebirth and a reconnection of my former self. My ideas are still clear, just heightened. It’s amazing how very few things or just a few people can change your life for the better. Music is back in my life, I feel the urge to hum or sing often. My voice feels clear and grows strong each time I sing. The need to pick up the violin, also takes over, but that need will have to wait for just a bit. New and old ideas formed and merged. A desire to paint again deepens. Sometimes I just wish there are more hours of the day so I can work more. Speaking of work, I’ve got 10 out of my 15 minute break left, then back to web design.


.small carved vases

After the August blue moon pulled me out of my creative funk, I started carving again. And I mean some crazy entire piece carvings. Somewhat simple designs, but just a lot of carving. I enjoy it though and it transports me back to the time when that is all I did.Image

The first few pieces I made were thrown in soldate and in a long bottle shape. I had some free english porcelain and wanted to create a a similar shape. Design wise, I wanted to fashion it after another design i made last year which I think turned out really beautiful but it was only one. I like the way these are turning out. I will stick with the blue color theme. There are a few blues I can use at the studio but I may try to go to aardvark in the next couple of weeks to check out the mason stains.

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