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.goodbye 2013 & 2014 goals

Two days left of the year. As I reflect back this year I realized most of my focus has been on graphic and web design. Also researching/learning new programming skills and what not. I’ve gone to the studio but not as much as I should. I rely on others to be there to keep me company because I don’t want to be there alone late at night. Plus I truly enjoy their company. But i know I shouldn’t rely on them to be there. Basically saying that I’m a lame ass. I did accumulate a lot of firing inches though and I was able to fire one of my prototype pieces. Actually pretty happy with it. 

Creative Goals for next year are somewhat the same as every year:
– Paint more 
– Draw more
– Sew more
I do plan on focusing on my freelance graphic and web business. I use the name Creativity of the Unknown but as a business name it’s a bit long so I am using C.O.T.U Designs as abbreviation. I’ve had some elements of the business done just need to finalize it more byfocusing on all marketing material related and trying to build up more business. I’ve been very fortunate to have a great clientel this year. To continue working with them in the new year and meeting another key person today to start the new year with a new project. 

Although I feel I kinda of slacked off in the creative department this year, especially with ceramics, I am overall satisfied with how things have gone. Could I have done more? Sure, everyone can. Am I going to kick myself? No. With my last sale, I realized even more than ever what I need to focus on. Of course it includes alien stuff too. 
So goodbye to 2013. It’s been a up and down year. A memorable year though. Looking forward to 2014. 


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