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.small carved vases

After the August blue moon pulled me out of my creative funk, I started carving again. And I mean some crazy entire piece carvings. Somewhat simple designs, but just a lot of carving. I enjoy it though and it transports me back to the time when that is all I did.Image

The first few pieces I made were thrown in soldate and in a long bottle shape. I had some free english porcelain and wanted to create a a similar shape. Design wise, I wanted to fashion it after another design i made last year which I think turned out really beautiful but it was only one. I like the way these are turning out. I will stick with the blue color theme. There are a few blues I can use at the studio but I may try to go to aardvark in the next couple of weeks to check out the mason stains.


.first post – sneak peek

Decided that I would post a blog on my webpage instead of just having a page with many pages. that would be lame. Haha. So first post is up. Images aren’t the greatest. Will be starting to do photo shoots starting either this week or next week but latest by the 15th. I have to keep on schedule. I am feeling a bit of anxiety from this project but it’s a good anxiety, that totally doesn’t really make sense since anxiety in general is not good. Either or.  Overall, I feel this project has helped me with my time management on projects I’ve been working on this past year.

Anyway, here is the link to sneak peek. At the end of each post from this blog I will be adding the link.

.blue moon pick up

Short and quick post. August blues or something. It seemed to affect others to.
Finally towards the end of the month something just clicked. The week of the blue moon, I just got into creative carving mode. Happy to be out of the funk and into something new. Now only if that would happen with painting.


Last night and today I participated at the Spring sale at Xiem Clay Center. what a blast!!! Thank you all to those who came and supported the arts.
I never imagined to do this well at the sale and make good contacts. I had such a good time meeting everyone that came by, whether or not they bought anything. For pieces or dinnerware that were sold, I am so happy they went to great homes.
I think the best part of my day was today, running around and make trades. I love so many people’s work. It’s one thing to see things here an there, it’s another to see it all come together.
Another great part was seeing how much we can all come together to get the studio back in order. Literally it was super fast. Faster than the last sale. I love being part of the studio, everyone, well mostly everyone is a joy to be around. They are and the people at Berman are like my second family. I can not express more how much joy and happiness each and everyone I have met from working with clay has brought me. And to think, I hated clay when I first started. My biggest thanks in my journey through clay is to Dale Fulkerson for pushing me directions I didn’t know I was capable of.
I’m just a happy chipper little camper right now, so I’m just gonna express it.

.bling week

Haven’t posted an image in awhile so thought I would post one of some from bling week. The lids on the bottom two are stuck. The designs are not what I had imagined but who cares really. I need to get smaller crystals but since this is a only for one week I’m not sweating it.
I thought thy I was going to make up ones that stuck from the first two weeks of jan. I’m not on that page anymore. I figure this whole project is a learning experience for me. Why try to make any up when I’m documenting everything, the good and the bad.


.juried shows

I’m not a potter, I don’t consider my work to be functional and I don’t really want to be known for making functional work. I know how to make functional ware. I’d rather give those things away as gifts than try to get my name out there by selling functional ware. Sounds kinda, um I don’t know, maybe like an ass or something. But I know what I want, have a idea of the directions my work should go in and I want it now; however, I can’t be impatient. I still need to work on my skills. Throw thinner, larger, perfect shapes, trim better and experiment with glazes. From participating at the fall sale, I know what will sell of my work and what won’t. I was a little disappointed that none of my vases sold, but then again, not many sold last year as well. Harry said to me that I need to know my market. That some settings you bring a majority of one style of work, and the a little of the other style and other shows or sales you do the opposite. I get that, but my head gets in the way, and I don’t want to listen even though I should. I guess that’s the stubborn Capricorn in me.

During the sale, I was speaking to my friend Sharon on how my work if very different from the other artists. I know I say this in other posts but it is.. She agreed and suggested that I look into juried shows. I’ve looked in the past but kinda just skimmed through it. I have no experience, so asking around was my first thought. I asked Jim. Kinda got a eeehhh answer from him. His point was why pay someone to look at your work or something of that sort. In a way, it’s kinda true but some of them are free. I also asked Sharon and her response was hit and miss but still encouraged me to look into it. I don’t know who else to ask or talk to, I am thinking of emailing a few past instructors but for me talking in person is much better. This past Thursday, I asked Harry. I value his opinion very much. His thought is that it’s a really good way to expose your name etc. I am thinking of asking Robert too, I don’t know if he has done juried shows or not, but I would like to know his thoughts as well. By the way, he’s a fucking awesome artist. His throwing skills are superb, it’s a real treat to watch him throw. He makes it look so easy. Harry and Jim do too but man, there is just something kinda mesmerizing watching him throw.

I’ve started to mark my calendar for a few shows. One of them is based on teapots. Small teapots. PERFECT. I already love to throw small teapots. I was going to enter my dinosaur but Mr Al broke it. He’s normally not a bad cat but he was trying to see what was in the box and boom, box falls, pieces tumble out and… broken teapot. BOO Al BOO. I’m still considering sending an image though. I don’t know if they will need the actual piece. If not I think I will submit it for something else where I know they will not need it. Well I think I know.

I’ve already thrown two new teapots. Both are assembled. One of the teapots the direction has changed. I am not quite sure right now where it’s going. The other, I have it pictured in my mind, but I don’t know. I think it will be along the same lines but a bit different than I thought. I do have an idea of what glazes to use though. I’m starting to get a feel for what the overall look for my pieces are going to be once I’ve trimmed them. Sometimes for new ideas, I have the overall look and idea pictured in my head. For painting it’s the same. I already know what I want it to look like, but with painting, I second guess myself and end up not moving forward until I feel I have more technique down. It fucks with me to the point that I just stop painting, which I have. I’m blocked and don’t know what is blocking it. Maybe too scared. Who knows. I’ll be forcing myself to pick up the brush soon.

.time management & sale

Don’t you hate it when you think you have more than enough time to do things, decide to get a later start and then realize that “FUCK, I didn’t plan well”? Well that is exactly how things have been working out for me as of late. I think I have it all planned out in my head only to be rushing and not getting everything I wanted to done. But c’est la vie. It’s not worth stressing over. I must say that the time I chit chatted with people instead of working was well worth it. I learned from my experience and in time I should get better at managing my time.

I was stressing that I didn’t have or make enough stuff for the upcoming sale at Xiem. Sale was cancelled due to weather forecast postponed till next week. Turns out a lot of people said next weekend would work out better. Everything happens for a reason. I was going to try to get a couple of extra pieces done before next weekend. Thought about it for a minute and decided against it. I’m in a good head place right now. I don’t want to feel rushed. Next sale though I will try to plan better.


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