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.year almost over

Over the weekend I was part of my studios holiday sale. Thank you all that came to support even though the weather on sat was a bit poopy. Even bigger thank you for those who have given new homes to some of my pieces.
The year is almost over, this past month felt like 6 months. Lots of new adventures going on. Lots of hard work but lots of fun times. New strong bonds forms and reconnections of old ones and/or redefinition of already formed ones.
I know I will be taking a bit of step back from my ceramic work. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I’m still working on completing my goal for the mini box project. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up a bit. Junzo is gonna love it when I start brining in millions of backed up ones to be fired. I’m probably gonna wanna step outside my body and strangle myself when it’s glazing time. I’m in that by the first week of jan my last glaze will be done and I will have completed my goal. Right now I a lot of unfired ones sitting at home, locked hidden away from the little cat, the destructor of all things made of clay. Bastard! Love her but want to throw her out of the house for certain things.
Anyway, so that’s what I have been up to. Just lots of work, not so much sleep. Tried to do a fast but ended up being a cranky pants. Thankful for all that is good in my life and can understand all that is not so good.
Again many thanks for new and old customers for coming to the sale. Namaste


.juried shows

I’m not a potter, I don’t consider my work to be functional and I don’t really want to be known for making functional work. I know how to make functional ware. I’d rather give those things away as gifts than try to get my name out there by selling functional ware. Sounds kinda, um I don’t know, maybe like an ass or something. But I know what I want, have a idea of the directions my work should go in and I want it now; however, I can’t be impatient. I still need to work on my skills. Throw thinner, larger, perfect shapes, trim better and experiment with glazes. From participating at the fall sale, I know what will sell of my work and what won’t. I was a little disappointed that none of my vases sold, but then again, not many sold last year as well. Harry said to me that I need to know my market. That some settings you bring a majority of one style of work, and the a little of the other style and other shows or sales you do the opposite. I get that, but my head gets in the way, and I don’t want to listen even though I should. I guess that’s the stubborn Capricorn in me.

During the sale, I was speaking to my friend Sharon on how my work if very different from the other artists. I know I say this in other posts but it is.. She agreed and suggested that I look into juried shows. I’ve looked in the past but kinda just skimmed through it. I have no experience, so asking around was my first thought. I asked Jim. Kinda got a eeehhh answer from him. His point was why pay someone to look at your work or something of that sort. In a way, it’s kinda true but some of them are free. I also asked Sharon and her response was hit and miss but still encouraged me to look into it. I don’t know who else to ask or talk to, I am thinking of emailing a few past instructors but for me talking in person is much better. This past Thursday, I asked Harry. I value his opinion very much. His thought is that it’s a really good way to expose your name etc. I am thinking of asking Robert too, I don’t know if he has done juried shows or not, but I would like to know his thoughts as well. By the way, he’s a fucking awesome artist. His throwing skills are superb, it’s a real treat to watch him throw. He makes it look so easy. Harry and Jim do too but man, there is just something kinda mesmerizing watching him throw.

I’ve started to mark my calendar for a few shows. One of them is based on teapots. Small teapots. PERFECT. I already love to throw small teapots. I was going to enter my dinosaur but Mr Al broke it. He’s normally not a bad cat but he was trying to see what was in the box and boom, box falls, pieces tumble out and… broken teapot. BOO Al BOO. I’m still considering sending an image though. I don’t know if they will need the actual piece. If not I think I will submit it for something else where I know they will not need it. Well I think I know.

I’ve already thrown two new teapots. Both are assembled. One of the teapots the direction has changed. I am not quite sure right now where it’s going. The other, I have it pictured in my mind, but I don’t know. I think it will be along the same lines but a bit different than I thought. I do have an idea of what glazes to use though. I’m starting to get a feel for what the overall look for my pieces are going to be once I’ve trimmed them. Sometimes for new ideas, I have the overall look and idea pictured in my head. For painting it’s the same. I already know what I want it to look like, but with painting, I second guess myself and end up not moving forward until I feel I have more technique down. It fucks with me to the point that I just stop painting, which I have. I’m blocked and don’t know what is blocking it. Maybe too scared. Who knows. I’ll be forcing myself to pick up the brush soon.

.weekend update


AWWWW, pieces are invading my house. I have pieces EVERYWHERE!!! Dan was suppose to give me styrofoam boxes last week but we never met up. Now I am keeping pieces up and away from the little cats teeth and claws. She loves to bite, scratch and knock unfinished work over, oh and sometimes pee one them. So now they are all over the place until I can drop them off at ECHO. Maybe this Friday night after I take my Dad to the airport. Gives me time to finish things up.


Last Sat I threw 12 small to small medium orb vessels for my series called “GEO ORBS”. Last years sale I sold out (only had 4). This year I would like to try to be in 2 holiday sales so having a bit more is okay. Plus starts to give me inventory for when I open up my etsy shop. Hopefully as early as end of the year. This time around I am using a different clay. It’s called Jamaica, similar properties to bmix with sand. Very smooth and VERY wet hence why my first orb was a dud so only 11 made it. Don’t know if it’s as dark as Black Mountain, can’t wait to see results though. Rested my back a lot during the throwing session. I actually needed to use the heating gun quite a bit to get the proper shape without the bottoms collapsing. Also threw off the hump as well. Thanks to Jim for showing me how to take pieces off the wheel properly I didn’t loose much clay or take them off unevenly. See I can learn new tricks.

I like how last years orbs came out however this year I am taking it in a bit of a different direction. I really want to use bright matt glazes for the insides with hints of it showing on outside edge. I used painted bmix slip inside so the colors would be brighter. I have some with no slip inside for a more muted look. Since I have 3 studios to choose glazes from I can really get a nice variety. I’m excited to see the results.


I have 3 larger pieces almost finished. I have 3 larger pieces with design intention but not attended to yet. Also I have 2 smaller pieces to finish up. Gotta get them done ASAP by this Friday. As Tim Gunn would say “make it work”.

I will have a lot of work ahead of me again. The Geo orbs will have to trimmed and finished up on Sat and I have 3 pieces at Xiem that will need to figure out what they want to be. I will have lots of glazing to do soon. Sept is going to be a busy month, but I am pacing myself.


I was able to finish up the 4 of the 5  pieces I threw my first class. One I am leaving wet because i would like to try to get a few of the “woven series” done. Seriously it just doesn’t seem to work out. They are beautiful, unique and delicate but I don’t seem to be able to get them done. I’m sadden that I don’t have pictures either. No digital camera during that time of life. Oh well… Back to the topic.

I’m getting lots of work finished, really it’s pushing myself in getting faster and letting ideas get out of my head so new ones can form. I’m happy that a lot of new work has been produced in just a few weeks. I don’t really know what triggered me to get my butt in gear, but I’m glad it did. If only I had the somewhat of the same passion for work. Still working on that


For Labor Day I went wine tasting in Temecula. It’s my second time going EVER and I had a blast. This time around I bought my favorite sparking wine called RUBY CUVEE from South Coast Winery. Yummy yummy stuff. We stopped at 5 places. Only going to the 5th place because Callaway was such a crappy way to send the day. Our last spot was my second favorite. I don’t remember the name though. All in all, the 5 of us had a blast. My back was hurting so I took a pain pill even though I was tipsy but I got to sleep in the car. The 2 AB’s (fellow wine taster has same itinitals) passed out in the car. I woke up once thinking we were close by and kinda sad. Thankfully we were still kinda far and I slept more. Below are some pictures I took. Nothing special but I took them with the hipstamtic app.

View from first winery. I think it was Thorton Winery. Great flat breads okay wines.

Pic looks dingy but it's the app. Grapes from Callaway. Boo Callaway

More grapes from Callaway, different setting. Still a big fat boo to Callaway Winery.

Winecellar below at last winery. Was pretty cool to see.


on 7/29/11 I tatted myself with my little insignia I use for my ceramic pieces. It’s on my inner let wrist and iHeart it.
I might incorporate it into my signature for paintings whenever I actually finish one.

.update & organize

Wow July already? Deja Vu. Didn’t I write this line before in another post last year or the year before? So a lot has and not a lot during the first 6 months of the year. Been more creative because I rearranged my apartment and having a semi permanent painting station in the apartment. I came to the conclusion that I will probably not be able to use the garage as a work area but that might change when I organize it. Been on the list for months now. I will be coming up on my 1 year at this place so I want to be able to get certain things done or done within the month of August.
I also joined another ceramic studio in order to push myself in a direction I need to go into as an artist. Different environment, more affordable firings and different glazes. Started painting again. Came up with a whole series of paintings. I was all gung ho at first but then ultimately started dwindling from painting. Ideas is still strong however the execution is still something I have to think more about. I have started the series but have stepped away from it for a bit.

Recently recently I have really been honing down on getting organized.  First step, was rearrange. Second step, get all my ceramic and painting supplies in order. Third step, stick to a routine to get my life personal, artistic and work life in order. I’m in a better head space than I have been in the past couple of months. Caught myself settling into bad habits etc. Now my mind is clearer, I feel that I am in a better place.  Thanks to apps that I downloaded to my patiently waited for white iPhone. Seriously really helps keeping me in check. Along with getting organized and instilling good habits, I will be blogging at least weekly. Even if no one really reads this, it’s good for me to get my thoughts and nonsense blah blah out.  It’s late, I scheduled to write this hours ago and didn’t. Instead of putting it off for tomorrow, just a quickie for now. More to come on new ceramic pieces and other blah blahs.

.updates, finished teapots & other


I’ve been living in my new place about 2 months now and LOVE it. Having a garage for storage is a major help. I no longer have my beloved art table in the house but that is okay with me.  I have however bought a small desk and added wheels so I can move it around when needed. I’ll use this for painting and sewing and then solely for sewing (maybe) when I get my studio set up. If and when that gets done I will probably be painting on the weekends only. Not sure yet. I have so much organizing for ALL my supplies. When I had  to temporarily move in with my parents last summer, I had the notion of sewing so I had to pick through my supplies and take what I needed. Not only did I not sew during that time, I’ve misplaced so many things. I hope to sort through all my fabrics, patterns and other stuff soon. Need to do that with painting supplies too. I lost my list of oil paints I have so need to do inventory AGAIN. Arg

A few weeks back Harry asked if I was considering participating in the holiday sale this year. I’ve been on and off at the studio for 3 years now with this year being the most time I’ve dedicated to my ceramic work. Awhile back I mentioned I wanted to participate this year. I wasn’t really sure when I was asked but ultimately decided to go for it. I have work that I can sell and I thought that it would push me to work faster. So with this decision I needed to invest in a wheel. I’ve been thinking of getting one, the portable one which would be cheaper and easier. I knew Harry had one at the studio so I asked if he would consider renting or selling it to me. Well he made me an offer to buy and I bought. I am now a proud owner of an army green  wheel. The first weekend I had it I wasn’t able to throw. Had to finish up some office work and until then I didn’t allow myself to use it. I’m really happy having a wheel at home. It’s something that I have wanted for over 5 years. Just wasn’t able to do it because of time, finances, lifestyle etc. But now I finally am in a place in life that allows me to have this. I’ll be able to work on things much faster. Of course I will still go to the studio but I think it will be more for glazing and socializing. HAHA on the last part. I plan to only throw non white clay bodies at the studio though.


I’ve been slowly working on more teapots. I decided to stop working in black clay after making 4 teapots and move to b- mix. The first teapot I made I liked the shape so much that I didn’t want to add a handle. Since then all the teapots I’ve made in b-mix are handle less. Also they all have a little animals on the top of each lid. I think they are all sweet.  I’m planning on making 12 teapots total. 6 in each type of clay body. I’ve made 5 in b-mix and 4 in black mountain as stated before but I may just do 8 in b-mix. Out of all of them my favorite has to be the one with the little dino on top but they are all very cute and sweet (pictures to follow in another post, still in editing stages)

Finally have images of glazed teapots. I have 2 teapots ready for glaze firing. One in black mountain and one in b-mix. I think overall the they turned out well.Though I still like the glazes of the Black mountain teapots, I think I could have done a better job. I just didn’t mix the glaze enough nor dip enough. Oh well.


Have been wanting to make a light cover made of beads that my friend Monty makes. I asked if he would either teach me or make me one. We settled on a trade. He would teach me and give me wire already stranded with beads and I would make him a suiteki (japanese water dropper used in calligraphy). Monty liked a style of something  I had shown him so he wanted something similar. That night I went home, hopped on the wheel and threw a little suiteki for him. It turned out to be a fun little piece. I think I am going to make a few more for the sale along with little water dishes to match.

.may cometh and goeth

So May has come and gone and tomorrow it will once again be June. Hot damn, this year went by fast. I’m not really sure if I have accomplished all I wanted this month, I did however get a few pieces completed. I still feel that I need to work faster. It was suggested by Harry to add another 5 classes which I am going to do so I can work Thursday night (just need to get there earlier) and ALL day Sat. I am still on a mission to get everything that I have thrown in the past year completed. As to where they will go, that’s… I don’t know. I will figure it out later. I want to participate in the Holiday sale this year so I need to get A LOT more work done at a faster rate but I don’t want to just settle for a simple design just so I can accomplish that goal. I need to Annaify, yes I made a new word, my pieces. Meaning I need to carve and texture my pieces. I would like to attempt my “woven series” but being that it’s getting warmer, I’ll have to work at a super ninja like pace in order for my pieces to not dry out.

I’ve been in the process of doing inventory on ALL my art supplies so I can start up on my art regime again. Created a damn spreadsheet and everything. Yes I am a dork :p. I seriously need to start sketching, sketch painting and painting again. I just found my sketching for my Koi painting. I’ve been looking for it for about 6 months so now I can start working on it again. It’s a time-consuming piece with lots of layering but in the end I know it will turn out well like my other koi painting.  I also kinda need to clear up my art table. it’s not as organized as I would like. Kinda a mess since I have to keep the cat’s bowls of dry food up there (Stella eats their food because she is a piggy pup, she eats anything really; stomach of steal) and end up throwing mail, papers and other misc things on there as well. My goal is to work in a different medium every night so say Monday  sketch  and draw in pencil and markers, Tuesday paint and sketch paint, Wednesday pastels, Thursday Ceramics, Friday (if not going out but most of the time i don’t go out) sew, Sat ceramics and Sunday maybe make a wheel and spin it to see what medium to work on. Maybe I will make it craft day so I can make my nephews photo album and such or photo shop day. I don’t know. Will figure it out. All in all I think this way it will keep me in check so I don’t get bored or distracted. I think in general i just need to get more organized in my life. It seems to have run a muck lately and  I don’t like it. I need to be back on some sort of schedule. I like schedules to stick to even though once in a while I like to be spontaneous.

It’s freaking 4:45 in the morning. I’ve been coming back and forth to this post for the past hour in between spring sprung cleaning. Another dang sprung cleaning since I get really bad allergies to dust and dander. With four freaking fur balls, I need to clean often. Being out of town 2 times in the past few weeks and catching up on work, it’s been kinda hard to spend the appropriate time (to my standards anyway) to deep clean all over the apartment. Will have to update again later with images of new works and updates on what I am working on at the studio.

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