.helpful photoshop shortcuts

If your new or if you not so new to Photoshop, I am listing a few shortcuts that can save time while editing photos.
** Ctrl for PC and Command for Mac – both platforms are fine. One is not better than the other so those who think one is better than the other can shove it.

V: Pointer tool
M: Marquee tool  (highlights an area ; looks like little ants as the outline)
E: Eraser tool
B: Brush tool
T: Brings up type
[ : Decrease brush size quickly
] : Increase brush size quickly
Z : Zoom selector
X: Swap colors of your foreground and back ground
D: Defaults your foreground and background colors to black and white
Ctrl S: Save – Do this religiously. Nothing is worse when you are working on a file and something happens and then you loose all the work.
Ctrl W: Magic Wand
Ctrl A: Select all
Ctrl T: Free transform
Ctrl E: Merge Layers
Ctrl D: Deselect object
Ctrl J: Jumps a selected object into a new layer
Ctrl C : Copy
Ctrl V: Paste
Ctrl R: Shows Ruler in the
Ctrl (+) or (-): zoom in or out
Ctrl 0 (zero): Original view of image
Ctrl-Alt-D: set feather for highlighted
Ctrl-Shift-N: New layer
Ctrl-Shift-S: Save As
Shift [: decreases brush softness by 25%
Shift ]: Increases brush softness by 25 %

I know there is more, I just don’t remember them all. I will add more when I think of them


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