.back to roots

Awww the sale is over, has been and I’m SOOO glad it is. I’m still making some large bowls but they are mainly made to see how much I can push myself. Will probably give them away as gifts. It’s kinda cool to see how large of a bowl/platter I make a 6lb ball of clay turn into. All this practice is worth it. Trying to see if I can make sets. This one person from the sale contacted me for a possible commission. I haven’t contacted him back yet since I just made prototypes of the size he asked for. At least one come out of the kiln today. The larger might have been loaded yesterday. Don’t know. Too  tired to go to the studio yesterday. Blah.

I’m getting back to my roots of design for my vases. New style has evolved from the geo orbs. It will include crystalline glazes. harry doesn’t know when he will do another firing. BOOO. No one asks except me. BOO again. Why do people think Crystalline is gaudy. Aww who cares, I love it, I love raku just as much.  Hope I can get these things finished tonight and into a bisque fire by the end of the week. That reminds me must make vessels for  raku. I think there are two this term. hmm, gotta check.

There is one design of candle holders that I want to make again. They are very delicate but still it’s something i have not seen ANYONE do. I’ll be calling them “luminaries” since Colin calls his candle holders that. Hehe. I’m such a brat. OH WELL.

I don’t really know what else to write and update the blog world with. Still going strong with the mini box project. Got some kick ass ones that other day and non of them stuck. WOO HOO. I am starting to get a bit bored but I committed myself to this project and it’s gonna happen. It’s crazy to think that 366 little boxes will fit into a 5x5x5 box.  I’m so bad i just place them in into the top of a box. I need a bigger box, so that is why I think 5x5x5 will work. I might need a larger on. Last week I threw larger ones. I don’t know when I started to throw smaller ones. Who knows, they vary in size. That’s fine with me. I’m sure the rest of the world would be fine too






Last night and today I participated at the Spring sale at Xiem Clay Center. what a blast!!! Thank you all to those who came and supported the arts.
I never imagined to do this well at the sale and make good contacts. I had such a good time meeting everyone that came by, whether or not they bought anything. For pieces or dinnerware that were sold, I am so happy they went to great homes.
I think the best part of my day was today, running around and make trades. I love so many people’s work. It’s one thing to see things here an there, it’s another to see it all come together.
Another great part was seeing how much we can all come together to get the studio back in order. Literally it was super fast. Faster than the last sale. I love being part of the studio, everyone, well mostly everyone is a joy to be around. They are and the people at Berman are like my second family. I can not express more how much joy and happiness each and everyone I have met from working with clay has brought me. And to think, I hated clay when I first started. My biggest thanks in my journey through clay is to Dale Fulkerson for pushing me directions I didn’t know I was capable of.
I’m just a happy chipper little camper right now, so I’m just gonna express it.


Raku, raku, raku; how I love me some raku. As I say instant gratification or instant disappointment. There were two raku firings last week. One on Wed and one on Sat. Wed didn’t turn out so hot. I guess the kiln didn’t get up to a high enough temp, though the cone melted. Oh well. I refired one piece and put three little piecies in. BLAH…. The flip side was that I was able to refire them on sat.

Saturday we had better results. Usually when Robert does the firings, the results are great even if he takes them out all at once. Maybe this time the pulls were a bit slower (thanks to me and pam for the little pieces) and it cooled the pieces down too much. The firing with Harry was a longer process. We pulled a few pieces at a time. Let the kiln heat back up while being able to see results from the first pull. Pulled again etc. This process took maybe a half hour more but the results were much better. I want to play around with the glazes more. Even though they  might all not have the same results, I think I can start to get a feel for each glaze. I’ll then have a better understanding of what look I am going for.

The piece that I refired for the 3rd time came out, eeehhh. I’m thinking of just tossing it or putting it at the $10 sale table. Just not happy with the results. I refired my little dishes and they came out great. One of  them is a little tortoishell esque. That one if not my fav but it works. I’m probably going to sell them as a set. I’m just kinda bummed that I didn’t raku more of these. I have some larger ones. It’ll be about 3 months before I can raku again. Might be able to rangle some other Berman peeps to do a firing sooner though,


.bling week

Haven’t posted an image in awhile so thought I would post one of some from bling week. The lids on the bottom two are stuck. The designs are not what I had imagined but who cares really. I need to get smaller crystals but since this is a only for one week I’m not sweating it.
I thought thy I was going to make up ones that stuck from the first two weeks of jan. I’m not on that page anymore. I figure this whole project is a learning experience for me. Why try to make any up when I’m documenting everything, the good and the bad.


.um yeah….hello blog world

I seem to remember a goal to blog more, I seem to remember writing this line or something of the same tune over and over. I’m just busy and I don’t wanna blog but know I should. Is it really a should though? Anyhoo, I’m back with an update for Feb and March.

I don’t know… it came and went and stuff was made. Not enough as I would like though. I hardly remember what happened in that month. Am I getting old. Need to start drinking memory juice. Themes for mini boxes in feb included:
Handles week: different little handles.
Hearts week: valentines and mushy love shit inspired
Bling week: will be adorned with swarvorski crystals (hopefully this week)
Painted designs (first inspired by eyeshadow kits): different painted designs, 3 used from 2001 designs
The first three series are all glazed. The last series is in the final stages. still need to add another coat of paint to bisque ware.

Almost 3 weeks in and a lot of things have been made. I’m a bit more organized with stuff for ceramics such as logging in my time, having a schedule blah blah blah. The usual boring stuff, but it keeps me on track. I’m up to date on the throwing schedule for mini boxes. I’m at the point that some weeks I won’t be able to add the little decorations so I’m not worried about it. At least they were all thrown that week. I’m getting better at throwing, trimming and glazing these little suckers. The last two batches that came out only 1 got stuck. For trimming I’m down to loosing 1 or 2 only. This week I threw 15 instead of the normal 12 (3 for new challenge but that is another post) and lost 2.
Themes for this month are:
Mushroom Week: Various mushrooms. Their fun to make but I hate eating them. YUCK
Little Monster Week: inspiration from all around but I would say seeing some of Darina’s pieces pushed me over the edge to make them. They have names too!
St Patty’s Week: hmm this wouldn’t be a hard one to guess why.
Ladybug week: different colors and sizes of lady bugs. To keep it simple I’ll just glaze them all in gloss white.

The later part of Feb and early Mar, my friend and I have been getting together to set up our own business. Right now we are catering to only one field but hope to branch out once she gets back to town. It’s a lot of work. Lots of sleepless nights but honestly, I would rather be working towards a goal than sitting around the house just watching tv. I do like to watch tv. Just feel that it sucks you in too much sometimes and nothing ends up getting done.I’m pushing myself to learn more about an area that I kinda knew but now just really researching it all. It’s fun though. The dork part of me is coming out and I find myself wanting to learn coding then I probably need to know.

So that kinda wraps it up for what’s going on in my little world. Still feel behind on things but all in all it will work it self out. This week is a fun week. Last classes of the term for Berman. Gotta figure out what to make. Two raku firing. Too bad I don’t have enough bisque. Maybe I can get something by then but probably not. I have a few pieces I would like to do a redo though. Crystalline firing coming out this week. Woo hoo. I love crystalline glazes, I want to experiment a lot.  There will be another firing and I’m making pieces now for that firing. Too bad I keep forgetting to grab the ones i mixed up. Next firing I’ll test them to see what happens. Hopefully they won’t turn that baby poo green brown on me with purple blue crystals at the bottom.

Oh, one more thing and probably the best part of this post. I will be sharing a tent at the upcoming Xiem sale with my  Ghusband Jason. iHeart Jason. Working on getting things made for that sale. Also kinda venturing back to older designs but updating them a bit.  Just happy to be creating….




.first week of Jan

I have slacked on going into the studio. Finally started going in last week Thursday. Shaun threatened to kick me out of the group if I didn’t start to show up. Was suppose to go in on Wednesday but decided to go to the driving range instead. Was good to get back into the studio. Trimmed one piece and threw a few pieces for Tamara. I’m her ghost thrower. She gave me some rod’s bod which I haven’t used in a billion years. Stayed away from it because I thought I would tear up my hands. It throws really nicely and I love how the little iron specs show through the glaze.

From the lump of clay she gave me I decided to throw mini boxes. Everyone was starting to leave and I didn’t want to be the last one there like usual so I threw them really really really fast. 7 in total. This is when the light bulb in my head went off for me to throw the weeks worth in one day. Although I should always make a couple of extras just in case I mess up while trimming.

Saturday seemed like the most productive day last week. I trimmed 6 of the 7 mini pots/jars. Trimmed through the bottom of one. I have decided that after this small batch thrown in rods bod, I will not be using it again. It doesn’t trim well for small things. I will stick to the b-mix and other non griddy clay bodies. There is this little voice in my head saying to not count these and make new ones but they are decorated already so probably not. All of the little jars were topped off with 3D decorations except one. The spiral one was inspired by Ellen.

Was able to decorate 2 bowls using mishima technique. Used the square connection design chartreuse green engobe. This time I will not be using apple green celedon and end up losing the design. I’ll just use clear. Can’t wait for the results. I also the layed out design and started carving of one of the bottles. I wanted to finish it that night but decided to go home instead.

Sunday came in only for a few hours. Had some mini boxes that I threw last year so wanted to get them out of the way. Don’t really want to throw anything new until I have finished up some work that needs to get done soon. There is a bunch of stuff at home that I need to either throw into the reuse clay bucket or finish up. All of it is bone dry already, oh and far far away from the little cat so she can’t break them, bite them or pee on them.

I didn’t take pics of the all four of the decorated boxes I did on Sunday. Only of one. A squirrel with a crown. At least that is what it’s suppose to be. Made another mushroom one. I think the mushroom ones will be a popular design so I’ll make a few every month or so. I’m also not limiting myself to little characters. I did a mishima one that turned out really cool. If it’s still on the shelf I’ll try to remember to take a pic.

Tonight I need throw 10 jars. 1 to be made up and 2 extra for the week. I have totally lagged on the teapots. I need to get them done ASAP. Deadline for the jury show is SOON. Should be able to finish up one tonight. I leave for San Francisco on Thursday so I’ll have to get my ass moving these next 3 days.

.new year & creative resolution

Yay, it’s a new year. December seemed like a long month for me. I was over the holidays before they began. Just wanted to get the month over with and start a new year. Also I was kinda out of it for a bit from the new medication I have been taking for my fibromyalgia. Stuff keeps the pain at bay but the constant headache made me want to sleep A LOT and I hate sleep. But now it’s a new year and I can back into the swing of things.

So with the new year I decided instead of making the regular resolution, though I keep making resolutions on a weekly basis, I am making a creative resolution. This year is to make a mini pot a day, 365 err 366. At first I thought i would just throw one in the morning, trim it at night and add the decoration. All this done at home. But I don’t want to have to deal with keeping the wheel out and the clean up every day. So I am opting to make 7 a week. I can throw them super fast. 7 in about 5 minutes. Trim them a day later and have the rest of the week to add decorations, have them bisqued and possibly glazed. Seems like a good creative resolution for me. I plan to document week by week. Will help me keep my blogging up.

So does anyone else out there have a creative resolution for 2012? If yes what is it.



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