.quick edit: getting rid of background

** I posted this sometime last year but wanted to make it as it’s own page so it’s easier to find.**

This is just a quick tutorial using shortcuts. I use this often since I have to edit products from ugly backgrounds and place them on clean colored backgrounds.

Before I start , whether you are editing images for Web or print always make sure your image is set under the following guidelines. Set your mode to RBG. If you will be using this image for print you can convert to CMYK when you are done. The reason for this is because you are editing on a screen that is RGB, your colors will be truer to what you are seeing on screen. Another helpful tip but not necessary, set your image to 300 dpi. If you are strictly editing for web, I suggest 150 at the least. You want a higher resolution so your image is bigger and easier to edit. one last thing, the layer that your image is on, double click the lock to unlock the layer. You need to do this so you can make edits.

** NOTE ** : this editing version is one that I am comfortable with since it’s quick and easy

Now that your image is set up properly

1) Use lasso tool to cut out selection (see tutorial on lasso tool). I suggest playing around with this tool if your not familiar with it. It’s much easier if you use a pen tool but using a mouse works just as fine. There are 3 types of lasso’s,  click the small triangle at the lower right corner of the lasso box. I use the Polygonal Lasso tool second choice. Try to cut out the image as close as possible to the edge. Once you connect your beginning and end line, your area will be in selection mode (they look like a line of ants dancing around your selection). do not click anything or else you will deselect what you have just done. If by accident you do, press CTRL Z to undo. Line of ants will return.

2) Now that the area you want to  is selected press CTRL J. This will jump your selection to a new layer avoiding any harm to original image. Hide your originally image and lock it so now edits are accidentally made to that layer.

3) If there are any areas that we accidentally included, press E for your eraser tool and quickly erase that area. Select the layer your edited out image is on.

4) Press CTRL M to get the marque tool and make a box around the image

5) Press V for the selector tool and then just move you mouse. This will select your image and the line of ants will go around your images edge instead of a box.

6) Prest CTRL ALT D, the feather window will pop up. Feathering will blur the image edges so the cut out doesn’t look so harsh. I usually set mine to 10.

7) Make a new layer and bring it below your cut out image layer.

8) Press B to select the paint bucket. make the background whatever color you want, or add a different image background.

9) Save you file as : name of file_original.psd under a  new folder called workable files or PSD files.

10) flatten your image and viola you are done. Save as (make sure you select save as) but this time name the file name of file_flatten.jpg .

If you are going to use this image for print, make sure to change the mode to CMYK. Also make sure to name your work correctly and have organized files. If you are doing work for print and web, name one file print and the other web.

Hope that helps anyone. it’s take me no time at all to edit images with this method. Shortcuts really help


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