.goodbye 2013 & 2014 goals

Two days left of the year. As I reflect back this year I realized most of my focus has been on graphic and web design. Also researching/learning new programming skills and what not. I’ve gone to the studio but not as much as I should. I rely on others to be there to keep me company because I don’t want to be there alone late at night. Plus I truly enjoy their company. But i know I shouldn’t rely on them to be there. Basically saying that I’m a lame ass. I did accumulate a lot of firing inches though and I was able to fire one of my prototype pieces. Actually pretty happy with it. 

Creative Goals for next year are somewhat the same as every year:
– Paint more 
– Draw more
– Sew more
I do plan on focusing on my freelance graphic and web business. I use the name Creativity of the Unknown but as a business name it’s a bit long so I am using C.O.T.U Designs as abbreviation. I’ve had some elements of the business done just need to finalize it more byfocusing on all marketing material related and trying to build up more business. I’ve been very fortunate to have a great clientel this year. To continue working with them in the new year and meeting another key person today to start the new year with a new project. 

Although I feel I kinda of slacked off in the creative department this year, especially with ceramics, I am overall satisfied with how things have gone. Could I have done more? Sure, everyone can. Am I going to kick myself? No. With my last sale, I realized even more than ever what I need to focus on. Of course it includes alien stuff too. 
So goodbye to 2013. It’s been a up and down year. A memorable year though. Looking forward to 2014. 

.year almost over

Over the weekend I was part of my studios holiday sale. Thank you all that came to support even though the weather on sat was a bit poopy. Even bigger thank you for those who have given new homes to some of my pieces.
The year is almost over, this past month felt like 6 months. Lots of new adventures going on. Lots of hard work but lots of fun times. New strong bonds forms and reconnections of old ones and/or redefinition of already formed ones.
I know I will be taking a bit of step back from my ceramic work. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I’m still working on completing my goal for the mini box project. Hopefully this weekend I can catch up a bit. Junzo is gonna love it when I start brining in millions of backed up ones to be fired. I’m probably gonna wanna step outside my body and strangle myself when it’s glazing time. I’m in that by the first week of jan my last glaze will be done and I will have completed my goal. Right now I a lot of unfired ones sitting at home, locked hidden away from the little cat, the destructor of all things made of clay. Bastard! Love her but want to throw her out of the house for certain things.
Anyway, so that’s what I have been up to. Just lots of work, not so much sleep. Tried to do a fast but ended up being a cranky pants. Thankful for all that is good in my life and can understand all that is not so good.
Again many thanks for new and old customers for coming to the sale. Namaste

.transformation; reconnection

A lot has gone down in a short period of time. I am blessed to be going  through a transformation, rebirth and a reconnection of my former self. My ideas are still clear, just heightened. It’s amazing how very few things or just a few people can change your life for the better. Music is back in my life, I feel the urge to hum or sing often. My voice feels clear and grows strong each time I sing. The need to pick up the violin, also takes over, but that need will have to wait for just a bit. New and old ideas formed and merged. A desire to paint again deepens. Sometimes I just wish there are more hours of the day so I can work more. Speaking of work, I’ve got 10 out of my 15 minute break left, then back to web design.

.small carved vases

After the August blue moon pulled me out of my creative funk, I started carving again. And I mean some crazy entire piece carvings. Somewhat simple designs, but just a lot of carving. I enjoy it though and it transports me back to the time when that is all I did.Image

The first few pieces I made were thrown in soldate and in a long bottle shape. I had some free english porcelain and wanted to create a a similar shape. Design wise, I wanted to fashion it after another design i made last year which I think turned out really beautiful but it was only one. I like the way these are turning out. I will stick with the blue color theme. There are a few blues I can use at the studio but I may try to go to aardvark in the next couple of weeks to check out the mason stains.

.first post – sneak peek

Decided that I would post a blog on my webpage instead of just having a page with many pages. that would be lame. Haha. So first post is up. Images aren’t the greatest. Will be starting to do photo shoots starting either this week or next week but latest by the 15th. I have to keep on schedule. I am feeling a bit of anxiety from this project but it’s a good anxiety, that totally doesn’t really make sense since anxiety in general is not good. Either or.  Overall, I feel this project has helped me with my time management on projects I’ve been working on this past year.

Anyway, here is the link to sneak peek. At the end of each post from this blog I will be adding the link.

.2012 mini box project – UPDATE

SOOOO… almost 10 months since I have started this project. currently I around 175 boxes that have been glazed  for the project, maybe 50 or so extras, probably broke some too and around 65 that I’m still working on. I am still considering doing redo’s for January though. Also my little dragon for Chinese new years was broken during that green ware raid so I have to work on him.

When they raided the green ware room back in July, some of my pieces were either thrown out or broken. Since then I’ve been kind of pissy about the whole situation and decided to throw and trim the boxes at home. I am not decorating the boxes during the time frame I had first proposed. Instead. I throw and trim them weekly, have the theme for the week, label them and keep them moist until I can get to them. some weeks I’m better than others and able to bang out a few weeks at a time. Others I still am working from earlier in the year. Do I feel bad that I kinda went off my path. HELL NO!!! They start to consume all your time and I need to work on other stuff instead. This is just a project to see if I can do it.

Anyway, so instead of documenting this whole adventure in a blog (which still might happen), I thought I would dedicate a page on my website instead. If I want, I will then create a blog. Maybe start one in December and call it, “the end is near, mini box project of 2012” and do a daily countdown post. Of course I won’t have all my pieces done by the end of the year since the last week of Dec starts on Sunday and Ends on Monday. I’d have to have my own little kiln to fire and glaze 2 little pieces on Monday the 31st.

I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to stick to my goal. Though I made up other rules to fit in with my lifestyle, I still stick to throwing 12 a week and trying to trim them that same week. The most that matters to me is that it was thrown that same week. Everything else, I really don’t care. LOL.

It’s pretty cool to see all the little boxes stacked on top of one another in a small 5×5 box. I don’t really store them well, oops. It’s also pretty cool that I’m the only one who has seen them all laid out. It’s actually quite amazing to see all these little boxes spread out together. It’s ALOT.  People at the studio see them in groups of themes. Some people see more themes than others, but no one else has seen them altogether. I’m special that then I guess. Silly me.

For my page dedicated to the project, I will post some boxes, not all. I have no idea why I want to keep them a secret. So silly, maybe I just want to reveal them altogether.

I’d also like to make a mini book picturing and documenting them. I’d probably have the book be around 40-60 pages, maybe go to extremes and have a mini book that is 365 pages. That would just be bananas. But then again, anyone that knows me knows that I kinda go overboard at times. I’ll probably do something out of the box for that idea. Mid October I am planning to start little photo shoots around L.A. I think it would be neat to give the book as a gift to someone and/or have a book available for sale.

Well now I guess it’s time for an update on what themes I have been working on. There are so many amazing artists at the studio I work out of. It’s amazing how all our styles are so different and unique. One day I believe in June, I turned to my bestie at the studio, Jason (yes he is my studio hubby I am his straight wife), and said “I’m going to do a “Jason series”. And from that, a trend was born. I have designed 2 other series based off of fellow artist designs, Ellen and Sally Anne. Currently working on the “Colin series”. While all have been fun, this particular series has pushed me over board. I am in love with the ones I have created already (only 3). There are so several other artists that I want to make a series for. Just gotta look at their work more and see how I go about it. I do feel that I need to do another Jason series though.

I’m a butt and I don’t have any pics to post. Sometime ago my beloved iPhone died on me and I didn’t back up. I lost a lot of images. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I’ll have to add photos at another time.

Check out 2012 Mini Box Project Page for more current updates

.blue moon pick up

Short and quick post. August blues or something. It seemed to affect others to.
Finally towards the end of the month something just clicked. The week of the blue moon, I just got into creative carving mode. Happy to be out of the funk and into something new. Now only if that would happen with painting.

.back to roots

Awww the sale is over, has been and I’m SOOO glad it is. I’m still making some large bowls but they are mainly made to see how much I can push myself. Will probably give them away as gifts. It’s kinda cool to see how large of a bowl/platter I make a 6lb ball of clay turn into. All this practice is worth it. Trying to see if I can make sets. This one person from the sale contacted me for a possible commission. I haven’t contacted him back yet since I just made prototypes of the size he asked for. At least one come out of the kiln today. The larger might have been loaded yesterday. Don’t know. Too  tired to go to the studio yesterday. Blah.

I’m getting back to my roots of design for my vases. New style has evolved from the geo orbs. It will include crystalline glazes. harry doesn’t know when he will do another firing. BOOO. No one asks except me. BOO again. Why do people think Crystalline is gaudy. Aww who cares, I love it, I love raku just as much.  Hope I can get these things finished tonight and into a bisque fire by the end of the week. That reminds me must make vessels for  raku. I think there are two this term. hmm, gotta check.

There is one design of candle holders that I want to make again. They are very delicate but still it’s something i have not seen ANYONE do. I’ll be calling them “luminaries” since Colin calls his candle holders that. Hehe. I’m such a brat. OH WELL.

I don’t really know what else to write and update the blog world with. Still going strong with the mini box project. Got some kick ass ones that other day and non of them stuck. WOO HOO. I am starting to get a bit bored but I committed myself to this project and it’s gonna happen. It’s crazy to think that 366 little boxes will fit into a 5x5x5 box.  I’m so bad i just place them in into the top of a box. I need a bigger box, so that is why I think 5x5x5 will work. I might need a larger on. Last week I threw larger ones. I don’t know when I started to throw smaller ones. Who knows, they vary in size. That’s fine with me. I’m sure the rest of the world would be fine too





Last night and today I participated at the Spring sale at Xiem Clay Center. what a blast!!! Thank you all to those who came and supported the arts.
I never imagined to do this well at the sale and make good contacts. I had such a good time meeting everyone that came by, whether or not they bought anything. For pieces or dinnerware that were sold, I am so happy they went to great homes.
I think the best part of my day was today, running around and make trades. I love so many people’s work. It’s one thing to see things here an there, it’s another to see it all come together.
Another great part was seeing how much we can all come together to get the studio back in order. Literally it was super fast. Faster than the last sale. I love being part of the studio, everyone, well mostly everyone is a joy to be around. They are and the people at Berman are like my second family. I can not express more how much joy and happiness each and everyone I have met from working with clay has brought me. And to think, I hated clay when I first started. My biggest thanks in my journey through clay is to Dale Fulkerson for pushing me directions I didn’t know I was capable of.
I’m just a happy chipper little camper right now, so I’m just gonna express it.


Raku, raku, raku; how I love me some raku. As I say instant gratification or instant disappointment. There were two raku firings last week. One on Wed and one on Sat. Wed didn’t turn out so hot. I guess the kiln didn’t get up to a high enough temp, though the cone melted. Oh well. I refired one piece and put three little piecies in. BLAH…. The flip side was that I was able to refire them on sat.

Saturday we had better results. Usually when Robert does the firings, the results are great even if he takes them out all at once. Maybe this time the pulls were a bit slower (thanks to me and pam for the little pieces) and it cooled the pieces down too much. The firing with Harry was a longer process. We pulled a few pieces at a time. Let the kiln heat back up while being able to see results from the first pull. Pulled again etc. This process took maybe a half hour more but the results were much better. I want to play around with the glazes more. Even though they  might all not have the same results, I think I can start to get a feel for each glaze. I’ll then have a better understanding of what look I am going for.

The piece that I refired for the 3rd time came out, eeehhh. I’m thinking of just tossing it or putting it at the $10 sale table. Just not happy with the results. I refired my little dishes and they came out great. One of  them is a little tortoishell esque. That one if not my fav but it works. I’m probably going to sell them as a set. I’m just kinda bummed that I didn’t raku more of these. I have some larger ones. It’ll be about 3 months before I can raku again. Might be able to rangle some other Berman peeps to do a firing sooner though,


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